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BUSH, SAM - Bluegrass Mandolin

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1984/2005 - taught by Sam Bush - one hour, 40 minutes - music and tab enclosed. Learn mandolin style and technique from a true bluegrass legend!


  • Sam Bush was already a leading player when he recorded this comprehensive instructional video back in 1984, and "Bluegrass Mandolin" remains one of the most influential mandolin lessons ever made. Now digitally remastered and enhanced for DVD, it is better than ever.
  • Sam gives you his unique perspective on all the dominant styles, exploring the techniques of great mandolin players such as Bill Monroe, Jesse McReynolds and John Duffey. In a clear, easy-to-follow method that will be invaluable to all aspiring players, he takes you from traditional bluegrass-style fiddle tunes and songs through the newgrass innovations that Sam himself helped develop.
  • Sam shows, up close, his amazing right-hand technique as he demonstrates tremolo, crosspicking, rhythm chops and lead melody playing. You´ll learn scales, licks, runs and complete solos in note-for-note detail, and will soon be playing the melody and variations for SUGARFOOT RAG, PADDY ON THE TURNPIKE, GREY EAGLE, EAST VIRGINIA BLUES or SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLD
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1 - 1 von 8 Ergebnissen