CASHDOLLAR, CINDY - Dobro Variations

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2001/2004 - 90 minutes, tab enclosed; "Explorations in Minor, Swing and Rockabilly Styles", taught by Cindy Cashdollar with Molly Mason, guitar, Pete Toigo, bass & Russell Cashdollar, drums. Cindy Cashdollar teaches you alternate tunings, bar and picking techniques and terrific arrangements for blues, minor keys and western swing tunes.A major highlight of this DVD is that each piece is slowed down, with Cindy and the band providing rhythmic backup so you can practice your lead playing.
Cindy's in-depth study of minor chord shapes and licks will enable you to play Django Reinhardt's great MINOR SWING and just about any tune requires improvisation in minor keys. In the classic PANHANDLE RAG, she shows how playing in an open G6 tuning gives you an instant country/swing sound.
This clear and insightful lesson will expand your range of ideas and teach you important music theory that will make you a more versatile all-around player. 

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