PHILLIPS, TODD - Essential Techniques For Acoustic Bass

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2001 / 2004 - Lesson One - taught by Todd Phillips - 75 minutes, includes on-screen diagrams

          Whether you intend to play bluegrass, country, pop or jazz, your success in acoustic bass playing will rely on good technique and a solid musical foundation. On this outstanding lesson, Todd Phillips gets beginning players off             to a great start with his step-by-step, hands-on approach to the instrument.

  • It´s important to have your bass set up properly, and Todd goes over the instrument from top to bottom to be sure yours is ready to play. He then provides left and right hand exercises to train your ear and develop the accurate fingering  necessary for playing with good pitch. Using unique on-screen diagrams and close up camera work, Todd guides you in visualizing the geometric grid of notes on the fingerboard. Major scales and chords in both open and closed positions are shown, and in no time you´ll be playing chord progressions and bass lines with a full understanding of their underlying musical concepts.
  • Moving to the right hand, you´ll learn how to achieve volume, tone produktion, definition and solid rhythm. In fact, you´ll quickly achieve the skills needed to lay down a musical foundation for any kind of music you want to play.
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