PHILLIPS, TODD - Essential Techniques For Acoustic Bass - Lesson Two

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2001 / 2004 - taught by Todd Phillips, 60 minutes, includes on-screen diagrams

  • This lesson brings a beginning bass player firmly into intermediate territory with the teaching of minor scales, leading tones, a variety of time signatures and more complex chord changes. Todd Phillips provides invaluable exercises to help you strengthen and stretch your fingers and develop strong rhythmic technique. Important advice is then given about how to function as a bassist in a group, listening, supporting and responding to other players.
  • You´ll get detailed instruction in the proper way to hold your instrument to develop strenght and stamina, and you´ll learn the mechanics of playing as well as the music theory necessary to "connert ear to hands to bass." As in Lesson One, our unique on-screen diagrams and close up camera work will help you make sense of the scale patterns, and will enable you to accurately locate the notes on the fingerboard. Todd´s careful, step-by-step approach will demystify the upright bass and will show you how to play with professional-level tone, timing and technique.
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