MONROE, BILL - The Mandolin Of Bill Monroe - Lesson One

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1992 / 2004 - One-On-One With The Master - taught by Bill Monroe - 90 minutes - hosted by John Hartford with special guests "The Bluegrass Boys"

  • On this instructional and entertaining session, the late Bill Monroe-widely known as the "father of bluegrass"-discusses and demonstrates the instrumental techniques that changed the course of American music. The camera´s eye reveals, up close and in detail, Bill´s incredible facility and inventiveness on the mandolin as he plays and sings, both alone and backed up by his long-time band, the Blue Grass Boys.
  • You´ll see and hear Bill Monroe play twenty-seven tunes ( some recorded here for the first time ), including favorites such as RAWHIDE - WHEEL HOSS - DUSTY MILLER - COUNTRY BREAKDOWN - GET UP JOHN - KATY HILL and ROCKY ROAD BLUES.
  • In an intimate conversation with fellow musician John Hartford, Bill discusses a wide variety of topics: His musical development, ideas about performing and songwriting, memories of childhood, early touring days, his years on the Grand Ole Opry and much more.
  • Bonus: Previously unseen footage of a performance for President Jimmy Carter at the White House in 1980, including rare duets between Bill Monroe and Doc Watson.
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