BOUTON, BRUCE - Learn To Play Pedal Steel Guitar

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1990/2004 - 90 minutes, taught by Bruce Bouton. One of the wizards of the pedal steel takes the mystery out of this fascinating instrument, breaking it down for beginning and intermediate players alike.
You've heard those velvet tones, sweeping runs and lightning-fast licks on a thousand country classics. In this highly informative DVD lesson, Bruce Boutonstarts you off the right way, providing you with the tools to understand the steel's intricacies and really get you playing!
Working in the E9 tuning, Bruce starts with the basics. Here are just a few of the techniques you'll learn: Pedal and knee levers, Proper use of the bar, Secrets of a good vibrato, Use of volume pedal, Melody and harmony scales, Chord progressions, Song accompaniments, Right-hand techniques.
In addition, you'll learn classic licks, intros and endings, and how they can be used in top country hits. You'll also learn major to minor changes, chord inversions, lowering-string licks, unison licks, exercises and more!


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