CLEMENTS, VASSAR - The Fiddle According To Vassar

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1991 / 2005 - taught by Vassar Clements - Accompanied by Bob Hoban - 90 minutes, music enclosed - No fiddle player will want to miss this powerful DVD lesson!

  • Vassar Clements´ superb technique and imaginative musical ideas are slowed down and brought up to help you improve your technique, increase your repertoire and expand your musical horizons.
  • Vassar explores more than a dozen of his classic licks, showing how he uses slides, chromatics, double and triple-stops, slurs and boogie-woogie patterns to enhance a variety of tunes. You´ll learn some of his best-known original and traditional fiddle breaks and how he uses his earliest influences- blues and jazz-to transform ordinary bluegrass/country fiddle sounds into extraordinary ones.
  • You´ll learn to play Vassar´s awesome fiddle arrangements for classic tunes such as AVALANCHE - GOOD WOMAN´S LOVE - LISTEN TO THE MOCKINGBIRD - LONESOME FIDDLE BLUES - DOWN YONDER and more.
  • Sit in on a conversation with his friend and accompanist Bob Hoban as Vassar reveals some "trade secrets" about pick-ups, bows, rosin, strings and other fascinating topics. He even gives a rare demonstration of flatpicking the fiddle in a blues-style improvisation!
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