KEITH, BILL - Play Bluegrass Banjo By Ear

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1987/2005 - 60 minutes, taught by Bill Keith.
This lesson in basic music theory for five-string banjo conveys an understanding of the instrument that will open up vast possibilities for all players. Although designed for beginners, the material on this DVD will also benefit more experienced pickers who want to fully understand the banjo fretboard.
Bill Keith teaches invaluable techniques for finding the notes in any position on the banjo's neck. Starting out by showing you a simple way to pick out melodies to familiar songs by ear, Bill soon has you playing harmonized scales and moving freely over the fingerboard. The unique visual charts he has devised will make the relationships of frets, strings and notes clear and logical, allowing you to discover the full range of the instrument.
Adding basic right-hand rolls gives you the true bluegrass sound, and Bill breaks these down step-by-step. Finally, the use of pentatonic runs and licks gives you the tools that will allaw you to start developing powerful and creative solos to your favorite bluegrass tunes.

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