McREYNOLDS, JESSE - Classic Bluegrass Mandolin

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1989/2005 - taught by Jesse McReynolds, 75minutes, Music and tab enclosed, special guest Sam Bush. Bluegrass legend Jesse McReynolds invented crosspicking on the mandolin in the 1960's, and this DVD gives you the chance to learn this complex and powerful technique from the master himself. There is scarcely a mandolinist playing bluegrass today who doesn't acknowledge a huge debt to this innovative musican.
This DVD provides the opportunity to learn that complex and powerful technique straight from the source. Jesse starts at the beginning, teaching the basic of mandolin crosspicking, which emulates the sound of rolls on the banjo. He gives you useful exercises and shows his chord rich formations, melodic variations, endings, backward rolls and arrangements to some of his best-known songs. Jesse's unique method of splitting strings, another McReynolds innovation, creates a rich texture and enables you to get additional harmonies on your instrument.
Bonus: A fascinating conversation between Sam Bush and Jesse about the origins of crosspicking, musical influences, instrument setup, beginner's tips and more.

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