SUTTON, BRYAN - Bryan Sutton's Secrets For Successful Flatpicking

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2006 - with Cody Kilby, second guitar, hosted by Happy Traum, 115 minutes, music and tab enclosed; this extraordinary DVD lesson is filled with spectacular picking, detailed instruction and invaluable advice for aspiring bluegrass guitarists at all levels.
Bryan Sutton thoughtfully and methodically lays out his "tricks of the trade" to help you play any tune and improve your flatpicking speed, power, timimg and musicanship.
Bryan addresses many of the problems that he sees in aspiring pickers, and passes along tips on how to keep your picking hand and arm tension-free and your fretting hand supple and quick. He provides drills and exercises, teaching an arsenal of licks, bends, double stops, slides and other devices that will help you build powerful and memorable solos.
In a special section on rhythm playing, Bryan plays backup to Cody Kilby's lead solos and shows how, by varying his chords and bass runs, he builds a groove and enhances the tune. He breaks down, in detail, famous bluegrass jam session tunes.

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