VARIOUS ARTISTS - Legends Of Traditional Fingerstyle Guitar

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2001 - 58 Minuten, inkl. 12seitigem Booklet - each of the srtists presented here are masters of fingerstyle guitar, whether two or three finger picking, with or whitoutpicks, most were born around the turn of century or in its early years, itles include: Merle Travis JOHN HENRY, LOST JOHN, Roscoe Holcomb POOR WAYFARING STRANGER or Doc Watson DEEP RIVER BLUES and many more

div. Songs

  • JOHN HENRY (Merle Travis)
  • MUS'RAT (Merle Travis)
  • LOST JIOHN (Merle Travis)
  • RAILROAD BLUES (Sam & Kirk McGee)
  • WHEELS /Sam & Kirk McGee)
  • TAKE ME BACK (Mance Lipscomb)
  • GOIN'DOWN THE ROAD (Elizabeth Cotton)
  • FREIGHT TRAIN (Elizabeth Cotton)
  • TRAVELING MAN (Doc Watson)
  • JOHN HENRY (Josh White)
  • WHEN I LAY MY BURDEN DOWN (Doc & Merle Watson)
  • u.v.a.
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