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BAND OF RUHKS - Authentic

Artikel-Nr.: CD-REB-1867

2019 - comprised of Ronnie Bowman (guitar & vocals), Kenny Smith (guitar), Don Rigsby (mandolin & vocals) and Brian Fesler (banjo), Band of Ruhks is a supergroup that straddles the line between bluegrass favorite and roots music trailblazer with ease. The band’s sophomore album (produced by Ben Isaacs (& bass)), and first for Rebel Records, is a showcase of the group’s love for bluegrass, while greeting the future with a sneaky grin. Appropriately entitled Authentic, the album is filled with nearly all originals - feat. Rob Ickes (resophonic guitar) and Aubrey Haynie (fiddle)... enthält eine großartige Version von Don Reno & Red Smileys THERE'S ANOTHER BABY WAITING FOR ME DOWN THE LINE

16,90 *

BAND OF RUHKS - Band Of Ruhks

Artikel-Nr.: CD-RRBR-22

2015 - With so many groups forming and changing personnel these days (especially in the Winter months), it’s hard to work up much real excitement until one or two of the new bands establishes itself as a group to be reckoned with. But THE RUHKS OF BLUEGRASS have created a great deal of interest, and it’s easy to see why, with its members including Ronnie Bowman, Kenny Smith and Don Rigsby Longtime fans of the band will recognize the trio as one of the finest versions of the Lonesome River Band...13 Songs wie COAL MINING MAN - LOST HIGHWAY oder das starke GOOD TIME MOUNTAIN MAN geschrieben von Chris Stapleteon & Ronnie Bowman

18,90 *

BANKESTERS, THE - Looking Forward

Artikel-Nr.: CD-46112

2012er Album der Geschwister Bankesters mit 12 starken Songs wie FIRST MINNESOTA - GYPSY JUBILEE - DESERT LULLABY - SOMETHING WORTH WAITING FOR oder THE CAPTAIN

16,90 *

BANKESTERS, THE - Love Has Wheels

Artikel-Nr.: CD-46142

2013er Album der Geschwister Bankester mit perfektem Harmoniegesang und virtuoser Beherrschung der Instrumente, einer Reihe selbst geschriebener Songs und hochkarätigen Gästen wie Sierra Hull, Rob Ickes, Jim Hurst und Larry Atamanuik.... 12 starke Bluegrass und auch Old Time Titel wie GUARDIAN ANGEL oder ONE ROOM

16,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-746762

2016 - “Nightbird” After a couple of records on other small labels, this talented group has now issued their third compact disc for the Compass label. It features fine singing from three ladies of the Bankester family, Melissa, Alisha and Emily; (since their earlier recordings, two of them have married and now sing under the names Triplett and Pitney). A pleasant CD of contemporarly Bluegrass

16,90 *

Neu BARNETT, MIKE - Plus 1

Artikel-Nr.: CD-47342

2021 - His new album, titled “+1” follows up on his “Portraits In Fiddles” which was nominated for a GRAMMY Award in 2018. +1 has been four years in the making and features Eddie Barbash, Maeve Gilchris, Alex Hargreaves, Sierra Hull, Sarah Jarosz, Dominick Leslie, Ricky Skaggs, Nat Smith and Molly Tuttle. While this new release may not be in the same maverick territory of The Deadly Gentlemen, there is no shortage of breadth to its coverage ranging from traditional American tunes to newgrass with elements of Celtic music, pop and jazz-tinged improvisation thrown in for good measure. Barnett steht auf den Schultern der Fiddle-Innovatoren Darol Anger, Stuart Duncan und Mark O'Connor und ist bereit, sich als einer der größten Visionäre seiner Generation auf der Fiddle zu etablieren.

16,90 *

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BARR, STEVIE WITH FRIENDS - Along The Crooked Road

Artikel-Nr.: CD-532

2007 - Stevie Barr, banjo player and leader of the bluegrass band “No Speed Limit”, comes from the musically rich town of Galax, Virginia. Here he gathers his friends from around the area to display some of that deep cultural background on this album, which is steeped in the old-time and bluegrass traditions of the area, as well as some unusual twists and turns. Banjo tunes, fiddle tunes, gospel songs, old ballads and new songs are all tied together by the talented musicians of the area and Stevie's banjo….incl. Eddie Bond (fiddle & vocals), Wayne Henderson (guitar), Jesse Lovell (guitar & vocals) and more… 21 Songs

16,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-RCD-0080

Album aus dem Jahr 1998 mit 14 Titeln, darunter CRIPPLE CREEK - MANSION ON THE HILL und ISLE OF GOLDEN DREAMS

15,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-SH-3947

2002 - Three things give this release a lot more strength and impact than their previous Sugar Hill album. The strong lead singing of new member Junior Sisk, a good selection of songs, and the wonderful fiddling of quest Ronnie Stewart. Building around the always excellent playing of Terry Baucom on banjo and Alan Bibey on mandolin, the group really rises to its potential on the 13 cuts heard here. Solid from start to finish, this is a fine album of solid, hard-driving North Carolina style Bluegrass. 

17,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-70455

eingespielt u.a. mit Adam Steffey, Doyle Lawson, Russell Moore und den Gibson Brothers....12 Titel wie GOOD TIME MOUNTAIN MAN - I WISH YOU KNEW oder THE SENTENCE

15,90 *

BAUCOM, TERRY - Terry Baucom's Dukes Of Drive: 4Th & Goal

Artikel-Nr.: CD-JBB-0517

2017 - Terry Baucom has always had good taste when it comes to the music his bands release, and without even listening to the first song, you know you’ll get driving music in a traditional-leaning style. Fourth and Goal is no different. The Dukes of Drive prove themselves to be a tight band with particularly strong vocal abilities who know a well-written song when they see one...with Joey Hannabach, Shawn Lane and others 

11,90 *

BERLINE / CRARY / HICKMAN - Chambergrass

Artikel-Nr.: CD-SH-3945

2002 - A Decade of Tunes From the Edges of Bluegrass - Byron Berline, Dan Crary und John Hickman mit 15 Titeln wie FORKED DEER - PISTOL PETE und NIGHT RUN

15,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-SH-3750

Album aus dem Jahr 1995 mit 11 Instrumentals (Fiddle + Banjo) wie CAJUN WALTZ - LIBERTY und THE OLD RUGGED CROSS

16,90 *

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BERLINE, BYRON - Fiddle & A Song

Artikel-Nr.: CD-SH-3838

1995 - Berline's high-spirited release features the interplay of fiddle and song..."A fantastic album that never misses"; u.a. mit Earl Scruggs (banjo), Bill Monroe (vocal & mandolin), Dennis Caplinger (banjo) und Rick Cunha (rhythm guitar) - 12 Songs wie  MY DIXIE DARLING - SWEET MEMORY WALTZ oder ROSE OF OLD KENTUCKY

16,90 *

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BERLINE, BYRON - Jumpin' The Strings

Artikel-Nr.: CD-SH-3787

Album von 1990 eingespielt mit Alan Munde, Dan Crary, Rick Cunha, Bill Bryson, Greg Leisz, Skip Conover u.a.; 21 Titel wie HONEYMOON WALTZ - CUTTIN' HORSE oder OKLAHOMA WALTZ

16,90 *

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BERRY, SALLY - God Is In Control

Artikel-Nr.: CD-UM-014

2019 - this project features seven original songs written by Sally Berry, familiar hymns, and the classic Christmas song “Mary Did You Know.” Sally’s voice is the focal point of the project; but she is surrounded by a supporting cast of the world’s greatest musicians and singers; which include her mother, Rhonda Vincent, her uncle Darrin Vincent, her husband Hunter Berry, colleagues Aaron McDaris, Mickey Harris, Brent Burke, and Josh Williams. There are also tracks featuring Bryan Sutton, Stuart Duncan, and Kevin Grantt.

17,90 *

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BHATT / DOUGLAS / MEYER - Bourbon & Rosewater

Artikel-Nr.: CD-WLA-CS-47

1995 - 8 Titel mit diesen 3 außergewöhnlichen Musikern: Vishwa Mohan Bhatt (Mohanvina), Jerry Douglas (Dobro) und Edgar Meyer (Bass) - u.a. DESERT WINDS oder MISSISSIPPI MUD

16,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-MFR-151009

2016 - Bibey, the highly respected mandolin player, is now leader of this solid traditional group that also includes Justin Jenkins (banjo) and Dwight McCall (guitar). Others helping out here include Ron Stewart on fiddle, Ronnie Bowman, and Shannon Slaughter. Bibey’s credentials go back to his work with the excellent Blue Ridge band of some years ago, and Baucom, Bibey, Graham & Haley. Songs recorded on this project include DARBY’S CASTLE, HEAVEN, THIS OLD GUITAR & ME, YOU LET ME DOWN, I’M COUNTRY, COLD DARK GROUND, OLD HEN, WORRIED MAN BLUES and YOU CAN FEEL IT IN YOUR SOUL. Nice job.

16,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-REB-1858

2015 - This regional band from southwest Virginia always has an interesting assortment of songs, well played and well sung, and this is another solid effort. Some of the highlights are BLUE RIVER, EASY MEMORIES, SNOW WHITE GRAVE, MY LONELY HEART, JUST AN OLD FRIEND and two Tom T. & Dixie Hall songs, BLUEFIELD WEST VIRGINIA BLUES, THE COTTON MILL SONG, and HOUND DOG FROM HARLAN.

16,90 *

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BIG COUNTRY BLUEGRASS - Let Them Know I'm From Virginia

Artikel-Nr.: CD-REB-1862

2016 -  …. Led by the husband & wife team of Tommy and Teresa Sells, this excellent band is another product of the rich musical tradition found in Southwestern Virginia. While they do not travel extensively (in order to hold down other jobs and professions), they are this year celebrating 30 years as a band. A nice feature here is a listing of many of the other artists who have been members of this band over the years—these include Udell McPeak, Jeff Michael, Jimmy Trivette, Don Rigsby, Billy Hawks, Johnny Williams, Lynwood Lunsford and the late James King.

16,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-REB-1848

2013er Album der Band um Tommy & Teresa Sells (als Gast ist Don Rigsby dabei) mit 14 traditionellen Bluegrass Titeln wie MY TIME IS RUNNING OUT - HEADIN' SOUTH oder das starke LIKE THE BOYS ON MUSIC ROW

16,90 *

BIG COUNTRY BLUEGRASS - Mountains, Mamas And Memories

Artikel-Nr.: CD-REB-1872

2019 - now in their 32nd year, Big Country Bluegrass continues to record good hard bluegrass albums. Their music makes no compromises, made for bluegrass fans, as befits an ensemble named for a Jimmy Martin song. Once again Big Country Bluegrass comes through with a dozen well selected songs, mostly by contemporary writers. You know what you are going to get with a Big Country Bluegrass album, and that’s a good thing.

16,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-REB-1838

Album aus dem Jahr 2010 mit 15 traditionellen Bluegrass Titeln wie ALL THE WAY TO NOTHING - TOP HAT RAMBLE oder WRECK OF THE HIGHWAY

16,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-12562

2007 - Norman Blake, one of our heroes, can always be counted on for his honest treatment of old-time tunes and songs (and he’s also written some classics), and here he presents 18 of them in simple, straightforward fashion, sharing the proceedings with his long time friend and fellow Georgian Tut Taylor. According to the credits Nancy Blake is also featured, but we’d like to hear more of her on the disc—especially her lovely cello work, which always provides a nice texture to their music. Several tunes are painfully slow and listless, lacking the energy we’d expect from this trio. GOING TO GEORGIA, WORRIED BLUES, TAG RAILROAD RAG, LIZZIE HUBBARD BLUES, ODE TO BASCOM, STEEL GUITAR BLUES, etc

16,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-SHA-6043

1999 - dieses Projekt entführt die Hörer mit großartiger Fingerpicking Artistik durch die üppigen Musiklandschaften zwischen Blakes südlichen Appalachen und O'Briens texanischer Prärie ...16 Titel wie TEXOLA WALTZ und GRANDPA'S BARN

Lieferzeit 8-10 Tage !!!

16,90 *

BLAKE, NORMAN - Back Home In Sulphur Springs

Artikel-Nr.: CD-RCD-0012

aufgenommen 1971: Norman Blake, Gitarre und Mandoline sowie Tut Taylor, Dobro; 15 tradtitionelle Titel wie CATTLE IN THE CANE - BULLY OF THE TOWN oder BRINGING IN THE GEORGIA MAIL

17,90 *

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BLAKE, NORMAN - Green Light On The Southern

Artikel-Nr.: CD-42812-1

Album von 2011 auf Western Jubilee veröffentlicht mit 17 Titeln, darunter LITTLE BUNCH OF ROSES - THE TRAMP und STEEL GUITAR CHIMES

17,90 *

BLAKE, NORMAN - Wood, Wire & Words

Artikel-Nr.: CD-WJRC-144762

2015 - It has been some time since the last Norman Blake record, but here at last is his latest, a nice selection of story songs and guitar rags. The “story” songs include his tales of THE INCIDENT AT CONDRA’S SWITCH, GRADY FORRESTER’S STORE & COTTON GIN—all of them Blake originals, as are the three rags that Blake picks on his guitar: SAVANNAH RAG, BLAKE’S RAG and CHATTANNOOGA RAG is another typical Blake instrumental. Nice CD for his fans.

17,90 *

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BLAYLOCK, AUDIE AND REDLINE - Audie Blaylock And Redline

Artikel-Nr.: CD-RHY-1042

Album aus dem Jahr 2009 mit "Hard Driving Bluegrass"; 12 Titel wie TWO LONELY HEARTS - LONESOME WEARY HEART - MY BLUE EYED DARLING und ROLL ON BLUES

16,90 *

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Artikel-Nr.: CD-RHY-1060

Album aus dem Jahr 2010 mit 13 Titeln, eingespielt mit seiner eigenen Band 'Redline'; Titel wie MATCHES - CAN'T KEEP ON RUNNIN' oder DRINK UP AND GO HOME

16,90 *

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