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Artikel-Nr.: CD-SH-3854

1996 - Although Pete Wernick has the dubious distinction of introducing the phase-shifted banjo to the world in the 1970s, his restless drive to pull different strands of American music together is an impressive one, and this 1996 debut of his Live Five band makes the improbable -- in this case, combining Dixieland jazz with bluegrass, all with an old-time string band sensibility-seem as natural as rain on a cloudy day. 

15,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-SH-3815

1993 - Pete's definitive solo album, including the #1 hit, "Ruthie", "Old Box of Memories", and the first recordings of his "flexigrass" sound with vibes and clarinet. The all-star cast includes Tim O'Brien, Jeff White, Stuart Duncan, Jerry Douglas, Russ Barenberg, and Edgar Meyer. Produced by Jerry Douglas, and nominated for IBMA Instrumental Album of the Year.

7,90 *

WHITE BAND, THE ROLAND - Straight Ahead Bluegrass

Artikel-Nr.: CD-RW-0002

2015 -A solid, and excellent 13 track re-cording by the veteran White, who was an important member of Lester Flatt’s  Nashville Grass after putting in a good run as vocalist and guitarist for Bill Monroe’s Blue Grass Boys in the 1960s. Roland—brother of the legendary Clarence White—was also a key member and mandolin picker for the Nashville Bluegrass Band. Other members of his band here are Richard Bailey (banjo), Diane Bouska (guitar), Brian Christianson (fiddle) and Jon Weisberger (bass). A good selection of songs includes I’D RATHER BE ALONE, LOOSE TALK, BLUE NIGHT, HIGH ON A MOUNTAIN, SARO JANE, SALLY ANN   Lieferfähigkeit unbestimmt !!!

17,90 *

WHITE, CLARENCE - 33 Acoustic Guitar Instrumentals

Artikel-Nr.: CD-MW-040

Album aus dem Jahr 2003 mit 33 Instrumentals wie BILLY IN THE LOW GROUND - SHADY GROVE und UNDER THE DOUBLE EAGLE

13,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-RHY-1024

2006 - aufgenommen 1964 - 19 Titel, eingespielt u.a. mit Sandy Rothman, Byron Berline, Herb Pedersen und Alan Munde - BAREFOOT NELLIE - SALT CREEK - SILVER BELLS .....

16,90 *

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WHITE, CLARENCE - White Lightnin'

Artikel-Nr.: CD-SX-6030

2008 - Zusammenstellung von raren, sowie vielen unveröffentlichten Studio-und Liveaufnahmen hier erstmals auf CD veröffentlicht; 18 Songs wie NO TITLE YET BLUES LOUISIANA REDBONE oder CUCKOO BIRD (Everly Brothers Sessions)

17,90 *

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WHITE, JEFF - The Broken Road

Artikel-Nr.: CD-RCD-0455

1999 - "...The Broken Road is an album that honors the finest traditions of bluegrass even as it extends them" (Jon Weisberger); 14 Titel wie CLIFFS BY THE SEA - LONESOME AS IT GETS und THE STRUGGLE

14,90 *

WHITE, ROLAND - I Wasn't Born In Rock'n Roll

Artikel-Nr.: CD-TSQ-2400

2010 - Wiederveröffentlichung des Original Albums von 1976 - neben Roland White noch Kenny Wertz, Roger Bush und Alan Munde - 13 Titel, darunter TEXAS GALES - POWDER CREEK und CAN'T YOU HEAR ME CALLING

16,90 *

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WHITE, ROLAND - Trying To Get To You

Artikel-Nr.: CD-SH-3826

1994 - produziert von Butch Baldassari und eingespielt u.a. mit David Grier, Stuart Duncan, Gene Wooten, Alan O'Bryant und Richard Bailey - 12 Titel wie LUCKY BREAK oder GAIETÉ ACADIENNE

16,90 *

WHITE, ROLAND AND FRIENDS - A Tribute To The Kentucky Colonels

Artikel-Nr.: CD-MH-17242

2018 - Today, with the release of the album A Tribute to the Kentucky Colonels, living legend, mandolin player and singer Roland White celebrates a trailblazing period of his storied career with new recordings of songs and tunes that, as a member of the Kentucky Colonels, he helped make classic a half century ago. The iconic Kentucky Colonels were much revered, particularly on the west coast where they were based, their influence far exceeding their short tenure as an active band (1957 to 1966). A Tribute to the Kentucky Colonels is a collection of hand-picked favorites, 12 in all, that comprise an ultimate tribute to a ground-breaking era in the bluegrass music genre. 

17,90 *

WHITES, THE - A Lifetime In The Making

Artikel-Nr.: CD-SKFR-2004

2000 - prod. von Jerry Douglas ..feat. Bryan Sutton (guitars) a.o. - The Whites (Sharon, Chely & Buck White) are known around the world for their warm, tight-knit harmonies - that's one of the reasons they were featured in the incredibly successful O Brother, Where Art Thou? movie and soundtrack. On this album, The Whites' trademark vocal blend is showcased throughout a tasty, eclectic mix of bluegrass, gospel, honky-tonk and Texas swing music. Standout tracks include Emmylou Harris' guest appearance on FAIR AND TENDER LADIES

16,90 *

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Artikel-Nr.: CD-522

Album aus dem Jahr 2006 mit Live Aufnahmen der großartigen Old Time Stringband; 19 Titel wie LOST JOHN - WALKING IN MY SLEEP - FLORIDA BLUES oder LOST INDIAN

15,90 *

WHITSTINE BROTHERS, THE - Sing Gospel Songs Of The Louvins

Artikel-Nr.: CD-RCD-0308

seltenes Album aus dem Jahr 1994 mit 10 Titeln wie SATAN AND THE SAINT - THE FAMILY WHO PRAYS und RIVER OF JORDAN

12,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-REB-1763

2000 -"A gem of an album that epitomizes the heart and soul of bluegrass music...fresh songs, outstanding lead and harmony sung with deep feeling, and superb instrumentation..." mit Tony Holt (guitar & lead vocals), Wes Vanderpool (banjo) und Mike Elliott (dobro) 12 Titel wie ARE YOU ON THE RIGHT ROAD oder THE ROSES MUST DIE

15,90 *

WILDWOOD VALLEY BOYS - Songs From Wildwood Valley

Artikel-Nr.: CD-REB-1799

2003 - A lovely collection of songs beautifully sung & played by this Indiana band led by Tony Holt. Disciples of the Boys From Indiana, the band features almost all new material, but they play in a classic first generation style. The current band is aided by the addition of David Long, who plays a fine Monroe-style mandolin. Vocally & instrumentally the arrangements are smooth but solid, with Tony Holt’s marvelous, distinctive voice leading the way. His treatment of THE WAY I AM, FOREVER TRUE, JEREMIAH CALLAHAN’S MEDICINE SHOW and I’M NOT THE DRIFTER are really wonderful. Though the group continues to pick up many loyal new fans, the low-key Wildwood Valley Boys probably remain one of the best-kept secrets in Bluegrass. Great stuff! WHEN YOU ARE LONELY, SWEET LORETTA, BIG MAN FROM ROSINE, etc.

16,90 *

WILDWOOD VALLEY BOYS - When I Get Back To Georgia

Artikel-Nr.: CD-REB-1751

1999 - The Wildwood Valley Boys is a band born from the Boys From Indiana, both literally and musically. Tony & Jeff Holt, and Harlan Gabbard dedicated this album to their fathers, Aubrey, Jerry, and Tom Holt and Harley Gabbard, the men who formed the Boys From Indiana. Vocal polish and emotional rawness are the highlights of this, the first album by the Wildwood Valley Boys. The Wildwood Valley Boys also perform several songs that the Boys From Indiana made famous as well as some tunes of their own...12 Songs wie WHITE SPANISH MOSS oderCAROLINA JANE  

16,90 *

WILLIAMS BAND, THE VERN - Traditional Bluegrass

Artikel-Nr.: CD-AH-514

Vern Williams is one of the legends of Bluegrass music. From his first recordings with his partner Ray Parks for Starday Records in the 1960’s through these recordings with his own band in the 1980’s there is no one who embodies the essence of Bluegrass Music as much as Vern Williams. This is the album everyone has been waiting for. Live Recordings 1982-1988! 

15,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-RCD-0661

2011 - ....Josh is the man! ....I love his playing and singing. (Tony Rice).... "Down Home perfectly spotlights the gifted guitar work, stunning vocals, and multi-instrumental virtuosity for which Williams is already justifiably revered. Here is an artist just reaching the peak of his powers!" - eingespielt u.a. mit Randy Kohrs (hawaiian slide guitar & resophonic guitar), Jason Carter (fiidle) und Doug Jernigan (pedal steel guitar), Greg Cahill (banjo) sowie Carl Jackson, Rhonda Vincent, Tina Adair, Darrin Vincent und Jamie Dailey (harmony vocals); 12 Titel, darunter BLUE RAILROAD TRAIN (mit Tony Rice), das starke STREETS OF BAKERSFIELD oder BLUE WATER von Michael Ballew

14,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-SCIFI-1153

2012 - …but after numerous listens, I can tell you this: It works. And the reason it works is the masterful picking of Ronnie McCoury on mandolin, Rob McCoury on banjo, Jason Carter on fiddle and Alan Bartram on bass.(Keller Williams on guitar & vocals) These guys are solidly grounded in bluegrass but not afraid to jump into the deep end and try something risky...12 starke Songs wie AMERICAN CARS oder BUMPER STICKER mit Del McCoury


17,90 *

WILLIAMS, PAUL - Old Ways & Old Paths

Artikel-Nr.: CD-REB-1754

Paul Williams, though out of the Bluegrass spotlight for most of the past 25 years or more, has retained near legendary status for his work as the right hand man for Jimmy Martin in his peak early years with the band that included a young J. D. Crowe. It is indeed a fantastic treat to see & hear him back in a setting which truly spotlights his clear, distinctive and amazingly powerful tenor voice, as well as his mandolin work. Supported by a solid group of local musicians including his son Ritchie, Williams has assembled an unusually fine collection of 14 gospel songs which he leads with style and fervor... 

15,90 *

WISEMAN, MAC & JOHN PRINE - Standard Songs For Average People

Artikel-Nr.: CD-OBR-038-2

Album aus dem Jahr 2007, die beiden Ausnahme-Musiker harmonieren großartig in 14 Titeln wie PISTOL PACKIN' MAMA - IN THE GARDEN oder OLD RUGGED CROSS

14,90 *

WISEMAN, MAC - Bluegrass Hits And Heartsongs

Artikel-Nr.: CD-REB-7523

2009 - One of the greatest singers in the history of Bluegrass and Country music is beautifully represented here in this 14 song collection on which Mac is backed by the excellent picking of three members of the Shenandoah Cutups (Tater Tate, Billy Edwards, and John Palmer), plus Buddy Griffin (2nd fiddle), Jeff Terflinger (mandolin) and Tommy Boyd (dobro on 6 tracks). The original recordings were made in the mid 1970s for the Cincinnati based Vetco label, to make up for the absence of Wiseman’s wonderful Dot recordings of the 1950s (which were long out of print at the time).


14,90 *

WISEMAN, MAC - Eight Classic Albums

Artikel-Nr.: 4-CD-RGM-191

enthalten sind 8 Original Alben aus den Jahren 1957 - 1962, darunter "'Tis Sweet To Be Remembered", "Great Folk Ballads", "Keep On The Sunny Side" oder "Fire Ball Mail"; insgesamt 94 Songs, u.a. RAINBOW IN THE VALLEY - OLD SHEP - THE BALLAD OF DAVY CROCKETT - THE KENTUCKIAN SONG oder MY LITTLE HOME IN TENNESSEE

14,90 *

WISEMAN, MAC - Folk Ballads, Hits & Gospel Hymns

Artikel-Nr.: 2-CD-JASM-3644/5

2013 - enthalten sind die 4 Original Stereo-Alben "Beside The Still Waters"(1958), "Great Folk Ballads"(1959), "Sings 12 Great Hits"(1960) und "Sings Best Loved Gospel Hymns" mit The Jordanaires(1961)...insgesamt 48 Songs wie WHISPERING HOPE - LITTLE MOSES oder THE OLD LAMPLIGHTER

14,90 *

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WISEMAN, MAC - Sings Gordon Lightfoot

Artikel-Nr.: CD-6296

2002 - das Original Album aus dem Jahr 1977 hier erstmals auf CD veröffentlicht (inzwischen sehr rar !!!); eingespielt u.a. mit Eddie Adcock, Arthur Smith und Jim Buchanan, 11 Titel wie EARLY MORNING RAIN - SUMMERTIME DREAM und SUNDOWN

16,90 *

WISEMAN, MAC - Songs From My Mother's Hand

Artikel-Nr.: CD-WR-8336

2014 - “All of the material on this CD are from old composition books where my mother copied lyrics from listening to a live radio program back in the late ’20s and early ’30s,” recalls the 2014 Country Music Hall of Fame inductee....produziert von Thomm Jutz & Peter Cooper und eingespielt u.a. mit Jelly Roll Johnson (harmonica), Sierra Hull (mandolin) und Justin Moses (dobro & fiddle)

17,90 *

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WISEMAN, MAC -I Sang The Song

Artikel-Nr.: CD-MFR-170120

2017 - Mountain Fever Records presents New Songs by Mac Wiseman.  'I Sang the Song - (Life of the Voice with a Heart)' is an album unlike any other. It is a window to a wondrous world, opened by some of the greatest of American roots musicans.... 11 fantastische Songs interpretiert u.a. von John Prine, Sierra Hull, Junior Sisk, Alison Krauss, Ronnie Bowman und Mac Wiseman....Highlight !!!

16,90 *

YOAKAM, DWIGHT - Swimmin' Pools, Movie Stars...

Artikel-Nr.: CD-SH-00017

2016 - "The Bluegrass Sessions" - eingespielt u.a mit Scott Vestal (banjo), Barry Bales (bass), Adam Steffey (mandolin), Stuart Duncan (fiddle & banjo) und Bryan Sutton (guitars); 12 Songs, darunter TWO DOORS DOWN - GUITARS, CADILLACS - HOME FOR SALE und PURPLE RAIN

17,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-46562

2015 - These are the kind of high-level recording sessions any producer would put together if they had these contacts. Besides Taylor on harmony vocals, plus country legend Gill and modern day blues master Keb’ Mo’ singing and playing guitar, her dream team includes great session and road musicians she’s worked with over her career: dobro star Jerry Douglas, Newgrass-founding mandolinist Sam Bush, former Newgrass vocalist and current Doobie Brother John Cowan, and multi-award winning musician Mac McAnally. 

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