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COUNTRY GENTLEMEN, THE - Going Back To The Blue Ridge Mountains

Artikel-Nr.: CD-SFW-40175

2007 - mit 28seitigem Booklet, Wiederveröffentlichung des Original Albums von 1973 mit Charlie Waller, John Duffey, Eddie Adcock und Tom Gray; 16 Live Titel wie DARK AS A DUNGEON - DAYBREAK IN DIXIE und MULESKINNER BLUES

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Artikel-Nr.: CD-REB-1559

Album aus dem Jahr 2005 u.a. mit Charlie Waller (guitar & vocals), Doyle Lawson (lead guitar, mandolin & vocals) sowie Bill Yates (bass & vocals) und 12 Songs, darunter AGES AND AGES GO - PAMELA BROWN - TEXAS CHILI und DIXIELAND FOR ME

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COUNTRY GENTLEMEN, THE - Let The Light Shine Down

Artikel-Nr.: CD-REB-1675

Album aus dem Jahr 1991 mit 14 Titeln, darunter ALONG THE WAY - TAKE ME IN A LIFEBOAT oder WORKING ON A ROAD

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Artikel-Nr.: CD-REB-1104


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Artikel-Nr.: CD-SFW-40133

2001 - incl. 32-page booklet, extensive notes......originally released in 1963 by Folkways Records is "On The Road" an essential example of the Country Gentlemen's definitive style. This album is comprised of excerpts from two live concerts recorde in 1962-63 and six never before released bonus tracks recorded in 1961 at the band's appearance at Carnegie Hall. This reissue offers a rare glimpse of The Country Gentlemen as they appeared on stage at the peak of their creativity.

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COUNTRY GENTLEMEN, THE - Return Engagement

Artikel-Nr.: CD-REB-1663

Album von 1994 mit 10 Titeln wie LONELY CHILD oder MIDNIGHT MOON

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COUNTRY GENTLEMEN, THE - The Country Gentlemen

Artikel-Nr.: CD-VMD-73123

1987 - Charlie Waller, Doyle Lawson, Bill Emerson, Bill Yates, Mike Auldridge, Jerry Douglas, Jim Bailey, Al Rogers & Ricky Skaggs mit 12 Titeln wie HOME IN LOUISIANA oder ONE MORNING IN MAY

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COUNTRY GENTLEMEN, THE -The Complete Vanguard Recordings

Artikel-Nr.: CD-79711-2

2002 - "24-bit Mastered from the Original Analog Tapes" - In their heyday The Country Gentlemen were highly influential bluegrass pioneers. The Complete Vanguard Recordings ("The Country Gentlemen" 1973 + "Remembranches & Forecasts" 1974) shows why, with the core of the group - Charlie Waller (lead vocals/guitar), Doyle Lawson (mandolin/vocals), Bill Emerson (banjo) and Bill Yates (bass) - joined by such bluegrass luminaries as Jerry Douglas, Mike Auldridge (both on dobro) and Ricky Skaggs (fiddle/guitar/vocals). Recorded during the early '70s... 

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COWAN, JOHN - Always Take Me Back

Artikel-Nr.: CDSH-3907

Album aus dem Jahr 2002 mit einer musikalischen Vielfalt vom Newgrass über Folk bis hin zum Rock mit Bluegrass Instrumenten; 13 Titel wie LONG DISTANCE RUNAROUND - READ ON oder MONROE'S MULE

15,90 *

COWAN, JOHN - Shoul'd Out

Artikel-Nr.: CD-SH-9191

1986/1997 - "tribute to R&B classics" - 11 Titel wie THE DARK END OF THE STREET oder WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN ...

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Artikel-Nr.: CD-46302

2014er Album als Deluxe Edition mit 12 Songs wie DEVIL WOMAN - HELPLESSNESS BLUES und SUGAR BABE und einer großen Anzahl von Gästen wie Ray Benson, Sam Bush, Rodney Crowell, Alison Krauss, Chris Hillman, Bernie Leadon, Frank Solivan u.v.a.

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COX FAMILY, THE - Beyond The City

Artikel-Nr.: CD-RCD-0327

1995 - Though the singing is excellent throughout (Suzanne Cox has an especially lovely voice), a few of the cuts stray a bit away from the group’s best work, employing steel guitar and a bit too much percussion. But the band is wonderful on songs like BEAUTIFUL BOUQUET and BLUE BAYOU, and especially the old standards BROKEN ENGAGEMENT and LITTLE BIRDIE. It’s a pleasure to hear these fine harmonies. Alison Krauss and members of her band help significantly in the instrumental backup…

16,90 *

COX FAMILY, THE - Everybody's Reaching Out For Someone

Artikel-Nr.: CD-RCD-0297

1993 - Much of the most moving and beautiful harmony singing in the long histories of country and bluegrass music has come from families who have sung together since childhood with a resulting shared understanding and feel for the music as well as an intuitive knowledge of what the other singers were going to do. The Cox Family continues this tradition with spectacular results...12 Highlights wie LITTLE WHITE WASHED CHINNEY oder PARDON ME

16,90 *

COX FAMILY, THE - Just When We're Thinking It's Over

Artikel-Nr.: CD-61809-2

1996 – “very rare“ - The performances here also mix in country, gospel and a touch of blues, with top-notch session players providing a sound foundation that employs electric, as well as acoustic instruments and includes producer Alison Krauss' fiddle and viola playing on a couple of cuts. All four family members take turns singing lead, and there isn't a weak link in the group, nor a weak song on the album. Highlights include a great bluegrass reworking of Del Shannon's 1961 hit "Runaway" and the beautiful ballad "Nothing Else I Can Do," penned by Sidney and Suzanne Cox.

18,90 *

COX, KRISTY - Breaking New Ground

Artikel-Nr.: CD-KC-003

Album aus dem Jahr 2010 der Australierin, produziert von Jerry Salley und eingespielt u.a. mit Bryan Sutton, Scott Vestal oder Randy Kohrs; 12 Titel wie CUT HER DOWN - TO THE GROUND oder BREAKIN' NEW GROUND

21,90 *

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COX, KRISTY - Ricochet

Artikel-Nr.: CD-MFR-180119

2017 - The Australian-born Cox is a commanding presence in front of the microphone, on stage, and in the studio. From the sass of the title cut to a heartbreaking duet with Brandon Rickman on A Bed This Cold, Cox stakes a claim as one of the top 10 female vocalists in the genre… incl. Justin Moses (dobro & mandolin), Aaron McDaris (banjo), Jason Roller (fiddle & guitar)...

17,90 *

CRARY, DAN - Lady's Fancy

Artikel-Nr.: CD-RCD-0099

1994 - Original Album von 1977 eingespielt u.a. mit Sam Bush (Mandoline), Vince Gill (Mandoline, Dobro) und Skip Conover (Dobro); 10 Instrumentals wie LIME ROCK - JULIE'S REEL und GREY EAGLE

15,90 *

CRARY, DAN - Thunderation

Artikel-Nr.: CD-SH-1135

1991 - "A masterful solo guitar album for all categories" 10 Titel wie AMSTERDANCE - LADY'S FANCY oder WEST O' THE MOON

15,90 *

CROOKED STILL - Still Crooked

Artikel-Nr.: CD-SIG-2013

2008 - incl. booklet - Still Crooked is an ensemble effort of inspired music making that moves the bands' impossible- to-pigeonhole style in new directions while honoring their folk roots. "We play improvised old time music, bluegrass, folk and our own songs within the broad context of a string band....." - Aoife O'Donovan (vocals, guitar & ukulele), Gregory Liszt (banjo), Brittany Haas (5 string fiddle), Tristan Clarridge (cello & fiddle) und Corey DiMario (double bass & tenor guitar) sowie u.a. Tim O'Brien und Amy Helm (harmony vocals); 13 Songs wie UNDONE IN SORROW oder POOR ELLEN SMITH

17,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-RCD-0314

1993 - "ganz rar !!!" -ausgezeichnete Produktion von Josh Crowe & David McLaughlin, zwei Gitarren, ein Baß und dazu großartiger Harmoniegesang; 14 Bluegrass/Country Titel wie GOING BACK TO OLD VIRGINIA - STANDING ROOM ONLY oder MY SMOKEY MOUNTAIN ROSE

16,90 *

CROWE, J.D. - Bluegrass Holiday

Artikel-Nr.: CD-REB-1598

2007 - das Original Album aus dem Jahr 1969 hier mit 4 Bonus Titeln veröffentlicht...eingespielt mit J.D. Crowe (banjo & baritone vocals), Red Allen (guitar & Lead vocals), Doyle Lawson (mandolin & tenor vocals) und Bobby Slone (bass & fiddle); insgesamt 16 Songs, darunter PHILADELPHIA LAWYER - TRAIN 45 und LITTLE GIRL IN TENNESSEE

16,90 *

CROWE, J.D. - The Model Church

Artikel-Nr.: CD-REB-1585

1992er Album eingespielt mit Doyle Lawson, Larry Rice und Bobby Slone; 11 Titel wie JOURNEY'S END - LOOK FOR ME oder NO MOTHER OR DAD

15,90 *

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CROWE, LAWSON & WILLIAMS - Old Friends Get Together

Artikel-Nr.: CD-MH-12922

2010 – starkes Bluegrass Album der drei großartigen Künstler J.D. Crowe (banjo & baritone vocals), Doyle Lawson (guitar & lead vocals) und Paul Williams (mandolin, lead + tenor vocals) … hier noch unterstützt von Ben (bass & bass vocals) & Sonya Isaacs (high harmony vocals), Ron Stewart (fiddle) und Harry Stinson (snare drums)…12 Songs wie STORMY WATERS - THIS WORLD IS NOT MY HOME oder WHO'LL SING FOR ME

17,90 *

CROWE, LAWSON & WILLIAMS - Standing Tall And Tough

Artikel-Nr.: CD-MH-15022

2014er Album von J.D. Crowe (banjo & baritone vocals), Doyle Lawson (guitar & lead vocals) und Paul Williams (mandolin, tenor & lead vocals) sowie Josh Swift (resophonic guitar & percussion), Jason Barie (fiddle) und Tim Surrett (acoustic bass); 12 Titel wie MY WALKING SHOES oder BLUE MEMORIES

17,90 *

DAILEY & VINCENT - Alive! In Concert

Artikel-Nr.: CD-83434

2015 - A Cracker Barrel Exclusive - "The best of Bluegrass and Gospel this side of Heaven"... erstes Live Album dieser großartigen Interpreten mit 15 Songs wie SIMPLE MAN - MISSISSIPPI RIVER - CUMBERLAND RIVER oder AMERICAN PRIDE

19,90 *

DAILEY & VINCENT - Brothers From Different Mothers

Artikel-Nr.: CD-RCD-0617

2009 - It doesn’t seem that long ago that Jamie Dailey & Darrin Vincent came out with their first album—a recording that won all sorts of awards (8 or 9 of them?) at the IBMA Bluegrass Awards Show last September. That superb album contained numerous excellent songs including the truly outstanding BY THE MARK, and established this band as one of the most popular and talked about groups in Bluegrass. (mehr Infos unter "Detailansicht")

16,90 *

DAILEY & VINCENT - Brothers Of The Highway

Artikel-Nr.: CD-36666

2013 - Highlight !!! eingespielt u.a. mit Andy Leftwich (fiddle), Jessie Baker (banjo) und Bryan Sutton (guitar); 12 Titel wie das starke STEEL DRIVIN MAN - HILLS OF CAROLINE oder BACK TO JACKSON COUNTY

16,90 *

DAILEY & VINCENT - Dailey & Vincent

Artikel-Nr.: CD-RCD-0604

2008 - "What a great sound. Not since the Louvin Brothers has music touched me this deep. I expect them to go all the way to top and stay here." (Dolly Parton)...wunderschöner Harmonie Gesang und 12 grandiose Songs wie CUMBERLAND RIVER oder POOR BOY WORKIN' BLUES

18,90 *

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DAILEY & VINCENT - Patriots & Poets

Artikel-Nr.: CD-BFD-087

2017 - Music superstars Dailey & Vincent have released their eighth album, Patriots & Poets. The star-studded project features collaborations with bluegrass music's top musicians including Steve Martin, Doyle Lawson, Bela Fleck, and David Rawlings. 

16,90 *

DAILEY & VINCENT - Sing The Statler Brothers

Artikel-Nr.: CD-0640-2

2010 bei Rounder/Cracker Barrel veröffentlicht in Digipac...eingespielt u.a. mit Andy Hall (dobro), Andy Leftwich (fiddle), Scott Vestal (banjo) und Randy Kohrs (dobro)...traumhafte Harmonien, traumhafte Songs wie BED OF ROSES - CLASS OF '57 oder FLOWERS ON THE WALL

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