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Neu LINDSAY, REG - Australia's Country Music Star: A Selection Of Singles 1958-1962

Artikel-Nr.: CD-JAS-3760

2020 - Ground breaking pioneer of Country music in Australia over a career that enjoyed success spanning five decades of radio, TV, records, concerts, tours. Although hailing from Australia, Reg had success in America becoming the first Australian to perform on the Saturday night Grand Ole Opry in Nashville and the first Australian country artist to be recognised with a plaque on Nashville’s Walkway of Stars. Here are 28 tracks from a rare period in his career from 1958-1962, taken mainly from scarce 45rpm singles and EPs recorded in Sydney and never previously released outside Australia and New Zealand.     Veröffentlichung am 23. Oktober 2020 !!!

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121 - 121 von 121 Ergebnissen