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Artikel-Nr.: CD-01169-2

rares Album aus dem Jahr 1997 - "Truly, their music is a blessing to everybody" (Dale Evans Rogers)... eingespielt u.a. mit Rob Hajacos (fiddle) und Joey Miskulin (accordion); 12 Songs wie THE LILY OF THE VALLEY oder IN THE SWEET BY AND BY

16,90 *

SONS OF THE SAN JOAQUIN - Horses, Cattle & Coyotes

Artikel-Nr.: CD-11662

2004 - Powerful, lush three-part harmonies grown in the heart of California’s San Joaquin Valley.  From the Shenandoah to the Rio Grande, “Horses, Cattle and Coyotes” is a wonderful melodic tribute to America’s greatest folk hero, the cowboy. "The Sons of the San Joaquin are the only singing group alive who I feel sound like the original Sons of the Pioneers" (Roy Rogers) - 13 Songs... LIVIN' THE LIFE OF THE TRAIL - TRAIL DRIVE oder ABILENE TOWN


16,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-WJRC-17538

2017 - One More Ride is just that… the final full-length recording of all unreleased Songs by Sons of the San Joaquin. Well, here we are: It’s 2016, Joe is approaching 85, Jack is 83, and Lon just turned 60, and we still love to sing the great western songs that celebrate the most colorful era of American History. This, our last CD, “One More Ride” is one that we hope will bless you as we head down the trail; the trail we believe the Lord planned for us to ride before we ever had the vision of becoming the Sons of The San Joaquin. It features the various genre we love to sing; trio and solo renditions of cowboy, gospel, romantic love songs and even a patriotic original. We hope you enjoy them.

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STEAGALL, RED - Faith And Values

Artikel-Nr.: CD-45948-2

Album aus dem Jahr 1995, eingespielt u.a. mit Rich O'Brien und Steve Gibson; 11 Titel, darunter THE NARROW TRAIL und RIDER ON THE RIM

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TIME JUMPERS, THE - The Time Jumpers

Artikel-Nr.: CD-14827

2012 - Die Band besteht aus 11 Musikern, darunter Vince Gill, "Ranger Doug" Green, Paul Franklin, Dennis Crouch und Dawn Sears und sie spielen eine großartige Mischung aus Texas, Honky Tonk und Western Swing Musik; 12 Titel wie TEXOMA BOUND - RIDIN' ON THE RIO - TEXAS ON A SATURDAY NIGHT oder NEW STAR OVER TEXAS

10,90 *

TYSON, IAN - All The Good 'Uns, Vol. 2

Artikel-Nr.: CD-SP-1367

2013 - 19 Klassiker aus den Jahren 1999 bis 2012 wie LOST HERD - SMUGGLER'S COVE - ROAD TO LAS CRUCES und SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW

18,90 *

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TYSON, IAN - All The Good'uns

Artikel-Nr.: CD-VMD-79495


12,90 *

TYSON, IAN - And Stood There Amazed

Artikel-Nr.: CD-SP-1168

Album aus dem Jahr 1991 mit 11 Titeln, darunter SPRINGTIME IN ALBERTA und LIGHTS OF LARAMIE

16,90 *

TYSON, IAN - Carnero Vaquero

Artikel-Nr.: CD-SP-1384

2015er Album von Ian Tyson produziert und eingespielt mit Gord Maxwell, Lee Worden, Thom Moon und Catherine Marx mit 10 eigenen Songs wie COLORADO HORSES oder COTTONWOOD CANYON

17,90 *

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TYSON, IAN - Cowboyography

Artikel-Nr.: CD-VMD-79474

sein Album aus dem Jahr 1986 mit 11 Titeln, darunter NAVAJO RUG - COWBOY PRIDE - OLD CHEYENNE und SUMMER WAGES

14,90 *

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TYSON, IAN - Eighteen Inches Of Rain

Artikel-Nr.: CD-VMD-79475

Album aus dem Jahr 1994 von Jim Rooney und Ian Tyson produziert - 12 Titel, darunter RODEO ROAD und OLD CORRALS AND SAGEBRUSH

14,90 *

TYSON, IAN - I Outgrew The Wagon

Artikel-Nr.: CD-VMD-79473

sehr rares und großartiges Album von 1989 eingespielt u.a. mit Stan Stewart (Steel), David Wilkie (Mandoline) und Cindy Church; 11 Titel wie COWBOYS DON'T CRY - ADELITA ROSE und FOUR STRONG WINDS

17,90 *

TYSON, IAN - Live At Longview

Artikel-Nr.: CD-SP-1282

Album von 2002 mit 17 Live Songs, darunter I OUTGREW THE WAGON - BLUE MOON und DESERT MOTEL

16,90 *

TYSON, IAN - Lost Herd

Artikel-Nr.: CD-VMD-79533

1999 - ein Klassiker mit so großartigen Titeln wie SMUGGLERS COVE oder OVER THE RAINBOW

14,90 *

TYSON, IAN - Ol' Eon

Artikel-Nr.: CD-SP-1295

Wiederveröffentlichung seines ersten Solo Albums aus dem Jahr 1973 mit 12 eigenen Titeln, darunter BLUEBERRY SUSAN - GREAT CANADIAN TOUR oder SPANISH JOHNNY

16,90 *

TYSON, IAN - One Jump Ahead Of The Devil

Artikel-Nr.: CD-SP-1177

1992er Album eingespielt u.a. mit Reggie Young (lead guitar) und Buddy Emmons (steel guitar); 11 Songs, darunter NEWTONVILLE WALTZ – TEXAS, I MISS YOU und LONE STAR AND COORS

16,90 *

TYSON, IAN - Raven Singer

Artikel-Nr.: CD-SPCD1361

Album von 2012 mit 10 eigenen Titeln wie RIO COLORADO - SONG IN A DREAM oder SADDLE BRONC GIRL

16,90 *

TYSON, IAN - The Gift-A Tribute To Ian Tyson

Artikel-Nr.: CD-SP-1322

2007 - 15 Titel wie FOUR STRONG WINDS oder OLD CHYENNE interpretiert u.a. von Blue Rodeo, Cindy Church, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Gordon Lightfoot und Tom Russell

16,90 *

TYSON, IAN - Yellowhead To Yellowstone And Other Love Stories

Artikel-Nr.: CD-SP-1339

Album aus dem Jahr 2008 von Harry Stinson produziert; 10 Titel wie FIDDLER MUST BE PAID - ROSS KNOX und MY CHERRY COLORED ROSE

16,90 *

VARIOUS ARTISTS - A Western Jubilee

Artikel-Nr.: CD-01188-2

2004 - "Songs And Stories Of The American West" Zusammenstellung von 20 Titeln wie BY THE SILVERY RIO GRANDE oder WAY OUT WEST IN TEXAS interpretiert u.a. von Don Edwards, Sons Of The San Joaquin und Katy Moffatt...inzwischen ganz rar !!!

17,90 *

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Cowboy Crooners-Sing Songs Of The West

Artikel-Nr.: 2-CD-CCM-442

2004 - This two-disc collection assembles 40 tracks from that manufactured but often pleasing breakout. Rather than focusing on overly-anthologized and previously reissued hit records, Cowboy Crooners Sing Songs Of The West is drawn from radio shows, where fans would have heard much more than the hits during cowboy crooning's 1930s and '40s heyday. Most of these tracks have not been available in any form before, and pleasing cooing they do make...w. Bob Wills, Roy Rogers, Tex Ritter, Sons Of The Pioneers and many more...

12,90 *

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Crossroads In Cowtown

Artikel-Nr.: CD-FVCD101

2011 - 'Hillbilly swing, boogie & western pop for the hardwood dancefloor" 24 Titel wie THE DEVIL IN ME oder RHUMBA BOOGIE interpretiert u.a. von Spade Cooley, Pee Wee King, Wade Ray oder Rose Maddox

9,90 *

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VARIOUS ARTISTS - Doughboys, Playboys And Cowboys

Artikel-Nr.: 4-CD-BOX-PR.6

1999 - inzwischen ganz rar !!! - mit 44seitigem Booklet; "The Golden Years Of Western Swing" This box tell the story of Western & Swing the vibrant music that blended jazz with stringband music, took in pop music & the blues and pioneered amplification. 99 Titel wie CORRINE CORRINA - LONESOME ROAD BLUES oder RANGE RIDER STOMP interpretiert von Patsy Montana & Prairie Ramblers, Cliff Brunner & Texas Wanderers, Bill Boyd & Cowboy Ramblers, Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys u.v.a.

19,90 *

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Duke!: The Films Of John Wayne

Artikel-Nr.: CD-JAS-2661

2019 - An Academy Award-winner and the veteran of 200-odd movies, well over half of which were Westerns, JOHN WAYNE - aka 'DUKE' - was America's most loved, treasured, admired and respected star. This unique compilation features the main themes, title themes and signature music from thirty-five of his biggest movies, kicking off with 'Stagecoach' (1939), the film which first made him a household name. Also included are the theme tunes from epic movies like 'She Wore A Yellow Ribbon' (1949), 'Rio Grande' (1950), 'The Quiet Man' (1952), 'The Searchers' (1956), 'Rio Bravo' (1959), 'How The West Was Won' (1962), and many more     A truly unique compilation, this is a must-have for fans of the golden cinematic era.

14,90 *

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VARIOUS ARTISTS - Seven Come Eleven: Texas Swing

Artikel-Nr.: CD-RFD-31

2002 - Zusammenstellung von 23 Titeln u.a. von Adolf Hofner, Moon Mullican And The Skyliners; Titel wie RAG MOP - IN THE MOOD oder TAKE ME BACK TO TULSA

17,90 *

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VARIOUS ARTISTS - So Tired Of Crying: Hillbilly Boogie and Jive Vol. 5

Artikel-Nr.: CD-ACD-021

2020 - Atomicat’s fifth and final voyage into Western Jive music which includes songs and artists which laid the groundwork for the transformation in the music industry, Western Swing, Hillbilly and Country Honky Tonk.  The album is additionally enhanced with one or two unusual Hillbilly tunes to add variety and musical interest...

14,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: 4-CD-BOX-R2 71451

1993 – 4 CD Deluxe Box als rare, in Leder gebundene Ausgabe !!! - This "definitive collection of cowboy songs" covers both famous and obscure odes to the high lonesome plains by Gene AutryRoy RogersTex RitterMarty RobbinsSlim PickensBob Wills, and others. Spanning the 1930s to the present, the 72-track, 4-CD collection is broken into four separate thematic discs. The box comes with a 60-page color booklet that includes detailed essays, photos, and reproductions of movie posters.

79,90 *

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Western Swingin'

Artikel-Nr.: 3-CD-FVTD096

2011 - '85 tracks from three golden decades of western swing' - u.a. SHAME ON YOU - STAY A LITTLE LONGER - COCAINE BLUES oder SLOW POKE interpretiert u.a. von Bill Boyd, Spade Cooley, Bob Wills und Tommy Duncan

16,90 *

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WESTERN CENTURIES - Songs From The Deluge

Artikel-Nr.: CD-FD-86

2018 - With Cahalen Morrison, Ethan Lawton and Jim Miller (former lead guitarist with Donna The Buffalo) all taking lead vocals, writing the songs (each providing four of the 12 tracks) and switching between instruments, Songs from the Deluge harmonizes three distinct songwriting voices into a sound that pulls from the great expanse of American music: Delta blues, Appalachian string band music, Texas fiddle traditions, cowboy songs. This record will levitate heavy hearts, turn spilled beer into ballads, and reclaim the multifaceted roots of country.

16,90 *

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WESTERN FLYERS, THE - Wild Blue Yonder

Artikel-Nr.: CD-60246

2016 - Comprising guitarist Joey McKenzie, upright bassist Gavin Kelso and National Swing Fiddle Champion Katie Glassman (formerly of The Quebe Sisters), The Western Flyers will, like Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen and Asleep At The Wheel before them, take you back to the classic Western string band swing of the 20s and 30s with a sound that’ll transform your player of choice into a vintage valve radio, only without the crackle of static.

17,90 *

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