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PRESLEY, ELVIS - Mystery Train: The Sun Recordings

Artikel-Nr.: CD-263562

2017 - incl. 16-page booklet, 24Bit digitally remastered – this collector’s release presents all of the master takes Elvis made between July 1953 and November 1955 at Memphis Recording Service (now commonly known as Sun Studio), prior to his singing to RCA-Victor…

12,90 *

RUBY ANN - Mama's Back

Artikel-Nr.: CD-RBR-5715

2011 - Superb collaboration of Ruby 'Red Hot Mama' Ann and the fabulous 'Round Up Boys'.  Album that blends Rockabilly killers with a touch of R&B plus haunting ballads, perfectly fitting for Ruby's deep, husky voice. A perfect rockin' & rollin' album! - 14 Titel wie CALL HIS NAME - DO RIGHT MAMA - BABY I DON'T CARE oder MANY TEARS AGO

12,90 *

VARIOUS ARTISTS - 4 Star Boogies & Jumpin' Hillbilly

Artikel-Nr.: CD-ACD-12554

2017 -  1-CD digipac incl. 64-page booklet - Bill McCall’s legendary FOUR STAR label began life in 1945 as a subsidiary of Dick Nelson’s GILT EDGE RECORDS. This CD focuses on FOUR STAR’s heyday as an important, influential, and independent label, and features vibrant recordings from 1947 to 1955. The performers  range from major names like the Wilburn Brothers, to regional stars like Jerry Irby, Jerry Jericho and Don Whitney who are still revered by collectors and fans of music of the era, to obscure performers almost totally forgotten today, like Owen Perry and Kelly West.

15,90 *

VARIOUS ARTISTS - El Primitivo American Rock `n´ Roll & Rockabilly

Artikel-Nr.: CD-CHD-473

1993 - Zusammenstellung von 24 seltenen Titeln - u.a. OH YEAH ( Wally Jeffrey ) - TIMES IS TOUGH ( Chuck Wiley ) oder BABY MOON ( Herbie Smith )

16,90 *

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Artikel-Nr.: 8-CD-BOX-BE-6134/14

2016 - Box set (12” x 12”) 8 CDs with 243 tracks • 136-page full-colour hardcover book with track-by-track information. Following The Texas Box and The Michigan Box comes The Florida Box – another fabulous collection of rare rockabilly, wild instrumentals and rockers, featuring hundreds of Sunshine State acts from independent labels like BLUE SKY, MIDA, CHART, TRIDEC, GULFSTREAM, DADE and many more. The stunning hardcover book presents the original 7” labels, information about the artists, producers and record companies, and collector’s guides for every song. If you’re looking for prime greasy, primitive, stompin’, rockin’ goodies from the Sunshine State then you’ve got ten hours of the finest ahead of you! The box includes 8 CDs in jewel-cases, jam-packed with nearly 250 tracks, remastered from the best available sources.


139,90 *

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Hillbilly Bop 'N' Boogie

Artikel-Nr.: CD-CHD-854

2002 - King/Federal's Roots of Rockabilly 1944-56, 26 hot hillbilly biscuits from the late 40s and early 50s that pave the way for the arrival of the full-on rockabilly of the Elvis era; u.a. mit Bill Carlisle, The Delmore Brothers und Grandpa Jones

15,90 *

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Hillbilly Bop, Boogie & The Honky Tonk Blues 1960-1961, Vol. 6

Artikel-Nr.: 2-CD-JASMCD-3640/1

2014 - Zusammenstellung von 48 Titeln wie SWEET MARIE - SALTY DOG BLUES - TWO TONE TEN TON - HELLO MEMPHIS - UH UH HONEY - GAMBLIN' MAN oder NOBODY CARES interpretiert u.a. von Tex Carson, Van Brothers, Jack Reno, Mason Dixon, Al Parsley und Bill Lanham

15,90 *

Neu VARIOUS ARTISTS - Hillbilly Music: Talking To The Telephone, Vol. 2

Artikel-Nr.: CD-ACD-12557

2017 -  1-CD digipac incl. 32-page booklet  -  In this series of four landmark CDs, RWA RECORDS celebrates two inventions from the late 19th century that changed human life and civilization forever: a) the ability to transmit our speech over long distances and b) the ability to preserve that speech on recordings. Those two inventions occurred at almost the same time in history, and just as soon as people began to make recordings of their voices, they began to write and record songs about telephones…

15,90 *

VARIOUS ARTISTS - King Rockabilly

Artikel-Nr.: CD-CHD-777
2001 - "24 legendary rockabilly sides from the King label of Cincinnati, home of some of the finest 50s roots music." u.a. mit Bob & Lucille, Dave Dudley und Ronny Wade
15,90 *

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Long Gone Daddies

Artikel-Nr.: CD-CHD-768
2000 - The Modern Label "Hot rock'n'roll and rockabilly including previously unissued material from one of the leading independent labels of the 1950s"; 32 Titel wie PINK CADILLAC und BABY COME BACK u.a. von Lee Denson, Sammy Masters und Pat Cupp
15,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-7988792

1992 - ganz rares Album mit einer Zusammenstellung von 27 Titeln; u.a. von Jerry Reed, Gene Vincent, Wanda Jackson und The Louvin Brothers

16,90 *

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Rollin' Rock-Got The Sock Vol. 2

Artikel-Nr.: CD-HMG4004

Album aus dem Jahr 1998 mit einer Zusammenstellung von 20 Titeln, u.a. von Bob Luman, Tony Conn und Ray Campi

16,90 *

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VARIOUS ARTISTS - Somebody's Rockin'

Artikel-Nr.: CD-PCD-2467

1993 - rare CD als Japan Pressung "Crown Records Greatest Rockabillies"; 21 Titel wie WILDWOOD FLOWER - BLUE TWIST und GUITAR STOMP u.a. mit Johnnie Lee Wills, Jenks Tex Carman und Johnny Horton

17,90 *

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Starday Dixie Rockabilly Vol. 2

Artikel-Nr.: CD-CHD-708

Album aus dem Jahr 2000 - Zsammenstellung von 24 Titeln, u.a. mit Lucky Wray, Corky Jones, Joe Poovey und Lattie Moore

15,90 *

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VARIOUS ARTISTS - The Gals Of The Big "D" Jamboree

Artikel-Nr.: CD-DCD-70101
2001 - 29 Titel interpretiert u.a von Charline Arthur, Helen Hall, Janis Martin und Wanda Jackson
16,90 *

VARIOUS ARTISTS - The Golden Age Of American Rock 'N' Roll, Special Country Edition

Artikel-Nr.: CD-CHD-845
2002 - inkl. 20seitigem Booklet mit Geschichten über die Interpreten und deren Songs; 30 Titel interpretiert u.a. von George Jones, Webb Pierce, Don Gibson und Leroy Van Dyke
15,90 *

VARIOUS ARTISTS - The Golden Age Of American Rock 'N' Roll, Volume 10

Artikel-Nr.: CD-CHD-850

2002 - "Another 30 Hot 100 hits from 1954-63 mastered from the best possible sources", mit 28seitigem Booklet; 30 Titel wie EARLY IN THE MORNING oder SHIRLEY interpretiert von Rusty York, Rod Bernard, Carl Mann u.v.a.

15,90 *

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VARIOUS ARTISTS - The Golden Age Of American Rock 'N' Roll, Volume 4

Artikel-Nr.: CD-CHD-500
30 Hot 100 Hits from 1954-1963; u.a. LINDA LOU - DRIP DROP - PARTY DOLL und DON'T LET GO mit The Chantels, The Edsels, Buddy Knox u.v.a
15,90 *

VARIOUS ARTISTS - The Michigan Box

Artikel-Nr.: 10-CD-BOX-BE-6068-77

2015 - Box Set (12” x 12”) with 10 CDs – 331 tracks – more than 15 hours of music Hardcover book with 208 full colour page... Following The Texas Box comes The Michigan Box  – another fabulous collection of rare rockabilly, wild instrumentals and rockers, featuring hundreds of Michigan acts from independent labels like Fortune, Clix, Bon Musique, Strate-8, Hi-Q, Happy Hearts, D-Town and many more. The stunning hardcover book presents the original 7” labels, information about the artists, producers and record companies, and collector’s guides for every song. Also included: essays on Michigan studios and famed legends like Joe Von Battle, Johnny Powers and Dr. Ross. The box includes ten CDs in jewel-cases, jam-packed with more than 300 tracks, remastered from the best available sources.


149,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: 10-CD-BOX-BE-6043-52

2015 -   Box Set (12” x 12”) with 10 CDs – 330 tracks – more than 15 hours of music..Hardcover book with 200 full colour pages. This box features the essential Texas records – rockabilly, wild instrumentals and rockers. Included are rare singles from independent labels like Allstar, Echo, Fame, Lin, TNT, Daffan and many more. A massive hardcover book shows the original 7” labels to every track, hard-to-find information about the artists and record companies, tons of unseen pictures – and collector’s guides for every song. The book also includes special essays about Texas recording studios and pressing plants. This is IT! An historical achievement!

149,90 *

CRADDOCK, BILLY 'CRASH' - Boom Boom Billy: The Rock 'n' Roll Years

Artikel-Nr.: CD-JAS-1006

2019 - long before his 1970s/80s career as 'Mr Country-Rock', with forty hits on the US Country charts, BILLY 'CRASH' CRADDOCK was a teenage Rockabilly/Rock 'n' Roller. This compilation anthologises Crash's early Rock'n'Roll career between 1957-61, including all his Australian hits, a couple of which were never released in the US. Also includes a handful of other collectors' rarities, which have never previously appeared on CD.

14,90 *

MULLICAN, MOON - I Done It! - The Uptempo Moon Mullican 1949-1958

Artikel-Nr.: CD-JAS-3710

2019 - Texas-born Moon started out singing and playing western swing in the 1930s and finished his career singing and playing unadulterated honky tonk country in the 1960s. This new Jasmine collection focuses entirely on Moon's uptempo recordings from 1949 to 1958 - the first Moon compilation to offer you that and nothing else. Remastered as always from the finest available sources, these records all sound as great now as they did 60 to 70 years ago when they were first heard.

14,90 *

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LENZ, KIM - Slowly Speeding

Artikel-Nr.: CD-BSR-1122

2019 - Kim Lenz is generally known as a rockabilly artist – particularly because of the growl she can achieve in her vocals. You can call Slowly Speeding a rockabilly album, and you wound’t be wrong. The ten songs brim with growling vocals, clever turns of phrase and heightened musicianship that services both the songs and the emotional intent behind them…  

16,90 *

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PRESLEY, ELVIS - The Complete Million Dollar Quartet

Artikel-Nr.: CD-6889352

2006 - Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis & Johnny Cash - "50th Anniversary Edition" - for the first time the complete sessions in its original sequence with 12 additional minutes of music from a superior source tape! u.a. mit LOVE ME TENDER - DON'T BE CRUEL und PEACE IN THE VALLEY

9,90 *

JACKSON, WANDA - I Remember Elvis

Artikel-Nr.: CD-CLP-15682

2006 - This very rare 14-song set with two spoken tracks paying tribute to the late Elvis Presley, is probably the CD Wanda Jackson's fans have been waiting to hear… Rockabilly Queen Wanda Jackson pays tribute to Elvis Presley, performing The King's songs with hot Rockabilly licks from guitar-ace Danny B Harvey.

18,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-2747092

2010 - The terrific Mean Old Man - an even better “comeback” record than Lewis’ acclaimed 2006 release Last Man Standing - follows the template of Johnny Cash’s Rick Rubin-produced albums, setting Lewis loose on well-chosen standards and surrounding the legend with big-name fans. (Everyone from Eric Clapton, Merle Haggard and John Mayer to Sheryl Crow and Mavis Staples makes an appearance, along with three Rolling Stones and one Beatle.) Lewis rumbles through Stones chestnuts (“Dead Flowers,” with Mick Jagger) and country classics (“Whiskey River,” with Willie Nelson). His version of “Sweet Virginia,” with Keith Richards, has a delicious swagger.

18,90 *

LEWIS, JERRY LEE - Rock & Roll Time

Artikel-Nr.: CD-833424

2014 - Jerry Lee Lewis once again invites his famous friends to play on some old favorites. This time, though, he’s not in a duetting mood. Lewis relegates the likes of Keith Richards, Robbie Robertson, Daniel Lanois, Greg Leisz (pedal steel guitar), Neil Young, Nils Lofgren, Derek Trucks to guitar and backing vocals - making this less a star-studded spectacle than a personal statement, with the 79-year-old singer bringing his voice and piano to several blues standards, a couple of Chuck Berry tunes and an unexpected Dylan deep cut: STEPCHILD…

16,90 *

ORBISON, ROY - Hank Williams The Roy Orbison Way

Artikel-Nr.: CD-11579

2015 - “Hank Williams The Roy Orbison Way“ ist das vierzehnte Album, das von Roy Orbison aufgenommen wurde, und das achte für MGM Records (im August 1970 veröffentlicht)… es ist eine Hommage an die Songs des großen Hank Williams !!!

9,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-4711588

2015 - Originally released September 24, 1973, Milestones was Roy's final album from The MGM Years. The singles were BLUE RAIN and I WANNA LIVE, but other standouts include Roy's renditions of contemporary hits SWEET CAROLINE and DRIFT AWAY. This re-issue is fully remixed and remastered to return the audio to its original glory. The package includes fully restored original artwork.

11,90 *

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