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CLARK, GENE - No Other

Artikel-Nr.: LP-4ad-007

2019 - auf Vinyl - endlich neu aufgelegt: Gene Clarks Soloalbum “No Other“ ist ein lange unterschätzter Klassiker…jetzt in neuem Klang ! “One of the greatest albums ever made. Initially celebrated for its obscurity, No Other is now celebrated for its magnicence. It was in every way a magnum opus: epic, sprawling, poetic, choral, rococo.” (The Guardian) 

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CLARK, GENE - Two Sides To Every Story

Artikel-Nr.: LP-HMR-02

2015 - Two Sides to Every Story ist ein 1977er Album des amerikanischen Singer-Songwriters Gene Clark. Das Album war Clarks erste Veröffentlichung seit seinem 1974er Album No Other… hier als: (remastered, limited numbered edition), 180-gram vinyl LP, packaged in state-of-the-art tip-on sleeve with 11” x 11” full-color 16-page book. Liner notes by John Einarson, author of the acclaimed Gene Clark biography, Mr. Tambourine Man. Never-before-seen Two Sides To Every Story album session photos by Rock & Roll Hall of Fame photographer Ed Caraeff. (incl. Downloadcode For 21 Bonus Tracks)

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CLARK, GUY - My Favorite Picture Of You

Artikel-Nr.: LP-01636

2013 - "Deep emotional currents. Still water running deep. Clark puts a premium on dignity, and his songs ripple with a stoicism that makes those truths hit harder." Eingespielt u.a. mit Shawn Camp (guitars, mandolin & fiddle), Bryn Davies (bass & cello) und Verlon Thompson (acoustic guitar); 11 Titel wie EL COYOTE oder RAIN IN DURANGO....hier auf Vinyl veröffentlicht !!!!

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CLARK, GUY - The Best Of The Dualtone Years

Artikel-Nr.: 2-LP-17821

2017 -  hier als Doppel LP auf 180gr. VinylThe Best of the Dualtone Years is a double-disc compilation celebrating the music made by the late legendary songwriter Guy Clark while signed to Dualtone. Includes several live cuts and three never-before-released demo tracks. 19 Songs, darunter HEMINGWAY'S HIGHWAY - THE GUITAR - IF I NEEDED YOU - EL COYOTE oder TORNADO TIME IN TEXAS 

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COLVIN & EARLE - Colvin & Earle

Artikel-Nr.: LP-7239150

2016 - ganz starkes Album produziert von Buddy Miller und eingespielt neben Shawn Colvin (vocals & guitar) und Steve Earle (vocals, guitar, bouzouki, mandocello, harmonica & mandolin) u.a. noch mit Richard Bennett (guitars), Buddy Miller (guitars & harmonium) und Chris Wood (bass); großartige Songs wie THE WAY THAT WE DO oder RUBY TUESDAY...hier auf Vinyl lieferbar !!!

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COLVIN, SHAWN - Steady On: 30th Anniversary Acoustic Edition

Artikel-Nr.: LP-SLC-2849

2019 – (on vinyl) - Shawn Colvin’s debut album, Steady On, was released in October 1989, a stunning introduction to an artist who quickly established herself as a mainstay in the singer-songwriter genre… Colvin brings a 30-year lens to her treasured songs, casting new light on the stories she first told as a young artist. Colvin has always been hailed as an exemplary solo acoustic performer and these new recordings are a brilliant showcase for her enduring artistry.

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COOLIDGE, RITA - Safe in the Arms of Time

Artikel-Nr.: LP-GA-S34

2018 – (hier als LP auf Vinyl) inkl. 16-seitiges Booklet mit Statements und Songtexten – Coolidge said. “This is the best record I’ve ever done. I’m extremely proud of it.” On Safe in the Arms of Time, Coolidge offers a roots record based on her own roots. She took an active songwriting role as well as bringing in the writing talents of artists including Keb’ Mo’, Stan Lynch, Jill Colucci, Chris Stapleton, and Graham Nash. “I’ve written so many songs assuming a role like an actor, but this time I got to write from experience….”

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COWBOY JUNKIES - All The Reckoning

Artikel-Nr.: LP-PRP-149

2018 - (hier als LP auf Vinyl !!!) -  es hat etwas gedauert, aber 2018 ist es endlich da, das neue Album von den Cowboy Junkies: “All That Reckoning“. Ganze sechs Jahre haben sich die kanadischen Alternative-Rock-Pioniere für den Nachfolger von “The Wilderness“ Zeit gelassen.  

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CROCKETT, CHARLEY - The Valley And Other Autobiographical Tunes

Artikel-Nr.: LP-SOD-006

2019 - (on vinyl) - Charley Crockett's been running nearly his entire life, but with the title track to his sixth album, the Texas songwriter looks back at where he came from. The Valley chronicles his hard upbringing on the south Texas border, but it also distills the essence of Crockett's fierce and restless independence.… Geschichten zwischen Country, Soul, Blues und Folk, die das wahre Leben geschrieben hat !

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CROW, SHERYL - Threads

Artikel-Nr.: 2-LP-3004160

2019 - (Vinyl) - Threads ist das elfte und letzte Studioalbum der amerikanischen Singer-Songwriterin Sheryl Crow (von Big Machine Records veröffentlicht). Threads ist ein kollaboratives Album mit vielen von Crows musikalischen Freunden, Helden und neueren Künstlern….It’s an all-star duets album with contributors who include Emmylou Harris, Keith Richards, Eric Clapton, Sting, Joe Walsh, James Taylor, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson, St. Vincent and more.

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Artikel-Nr.: VINYLSINGLE-TMR-430

2017 - Jack White’s Third Man Records sure does like to create unique situations, and this recording represents just such a thing. American folk performers John Paul White and Rodney Crowell were paired together in pop-up space Luck Mansion, where they wrote and recorded a few brand new songs together. Lovely stuff. 7” on Third Man. Last year at Americanafest, John cut a couple of tunes with Rodney Crowell for Third Man's "Luck Mansion Sessions".  Here they are, available on a beautiful 45RPM 7" vinyl record.

10,90 *

CROWELL, RODNEY - Acoustic Classics

Artikel-Nr.: LP-RC1-00048

2018 - "on vinyl !!!" - Acoustic versions of Rodney’s Classic songs. A creative powerhouse with no off switch, the acclaimed songwriter, musician, author and poet is adding yet another title to his already esteemed pedigree; label head.  As prolific today, as he was in his twenties, Crowell has released sixalbums in the last ten years.  Next on deck is a re-distilled, acoustic presentation of 12 masterfully-crafted tunes from his 40-plus-year career in a truly intimate setting...

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LOS LOBOS - Llegó Navidad

Artikel-Nr.: LP-604538

2019 - (on vinyl) - Los Lobos release their first ever holiday album, Llegó Navidad, on CD. The Grammy award winning group researched nearly 150 holiday-themed songs from across the globe, selecting their favourites which they have reinvented in their own inimitable style. The album also includes the original track CHRISTMAS AND YOU,  written by Hidalgo and Pérez, featuring Hidalgo’s signature soulful vocals… David Hidalgo, Louie Pérez, Cesar Rosas, Conrad Lozano, and Steve Berlin open the album with “La Rama” (the branch).

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Artikel-Nr.: 2-LP-NW-5131

2017er Album des legendären Songwriters u.a. mit Rosanne Cash, Sherryl Crow und John Paul White; starke Songs wie RECKLESS - IT AIN'T OVER YET oder NASHVILLE 1972 - hier als Doppel LP auf 150gr. Vinyl veröffentlicht !!!

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CROWELL, RODNEY - Tarpaper Sky

Artikel-Nr.: LP-NW-5089

2014 - eingespielt mit seiner "The Tarpaper Band": neben Rodney Crowell (lead vocal, acoustic & electric guitar) noch Steuart Smith (electric & acoustic guitar, bass, mandolin, harmonica & harmony vocals), Michael Rhodes (bass), John Hobbs (piano) und Eddie Bayers (drums & piano) sowie den Gästen Steve Fishell (steel guitar), Jerry Douglas (dobro), Fats Kaplin (mandolin) u.a...... 11 Titel wie THE LONG JOURNEY HOME - FEVER ON THE BAYOU und THE FLYBOY & THE KID...hier auf 180gr. Vinyl als LP lieferbar...!!!!

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Artikel-Nr.: LP-0408

2019 - (on vinyl) - The collection is presented impeccably by Crowell and co-producer Ray Kennedy as well as a collection of artists like only Rodney could assemble. Crowell’s authenticity is distinct and convincing. These songs travel Texas from the Rio Grande border to the Piney Woods of East Texas and everywhere between, and they’re rendered masterfully…. featuring Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, Ronnie Dunn, Billy F Gibbons, Randy Rogers, Vince Gill, Lee Ann Womack, Steve Earle, Ringo Starr and more

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DAVIES, RAY - Our Country: Americana Act II

Artikel-Nr.: 2-LP-480301

2018 - (hier als Doppel Lp auf Vinyl !!!) - Ray Davies präsentiert mit OUR COUNTRY: AMERICANA ACT II die Fortsetzung seiner musikalischen Reise-Erinnerungen: mit brandneuen Songs sowie Neuinterpretationen von eigenen Klassikern aus Davies’ 50-jähriger Karriere… 19 neue Songs eingespielt u.a. mit “The Jayhawks“ - “Mit OUR COUNTRY lasse ich meine Reisen durch Amerika Revue passieren, die schier endlosen Tourneen mit unserer Band. Es geht aber weniger darum, die Karriere der Kinks aufzuarbeiten, als darum, das Land, das mich schon sehr früh inspirierte, neu zu entdecken.” – Ray Davies -

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Neu PRESLEY, ELVIS - From Elvis In Nashville

Artikel-Nr.: 2-LP-759421

2020 - inkl. Booklet - (150gr. Vinyl) - hier ist nun die lang erwartete endgültige Chronik von Elvis Presleys mythischen Marathon-Sessions mit den “Nashville Cats“ im Jahr 1970. Im Juni 1970 reiste Elvis Presley von seinem Zuhause in Memphis nach Nashville, wo er sich im RCA Studio B für fünf Aufnahmetage einmietete. Dort wurde er von Musikern wie Charlie McCoy und Norbert Putnam begleitet, den legendären “Nashville Cats“. Das Ergebnis wurde unter den Fans als “Marathon-Sessions“ bekannt…. die vier randvollen CDs bzw. zwei LPs From Elvis In Nashville zeigen den King of Rock’n’Roll in absoluter Bestform. Toningenieur und Grammy-Gewinner Matt Ross-Spang (John Prine, Jason Isbell) hat die Aufnahmen für die Veröffentlichung neu abgemischt und sie von zusätzlicher Orchestrierung und Overdubs befreit...

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DAVIS, JIMMIE - You Are My Sunshine

Artikel-Nr.: CD-HAT-3121

rare Wiederveröffentlichung auf "Stetson" des Original Albums aus dem Jahr 1959; enthalten sind 12 Titel wie I HUNG MY HEAD AND CRIED - NOBODY'S DARLIN' BUT MINE - WORRIED MIND und COLUMBUS STOCKADE BLUES

13,00 *

LYNN, LORETTA - White Christmas Blue

Artikel-Nr.: LP-40271

2016 - "Volume Two Of The Cash Cabin Recordings" - hier auf Vinyl lieferbar... eingespielt u.a. mit Jamie Hartford (electric guitar), Shawn Camp (acoustic guitar), Doug Jernigan & Paul Franklin (steel guitar) sowie Ronnie Bowman und Jon Randall (background vocals); 12 Songs wie COUNTRY CHRISTMAS - TO HECK WITH OLE SANTA CLAUS und WHITE CHRISTMAS BLUE

21,90 *

Neu LYNN, LORETTA - Coal Miner's Daughter

Artikel-Nr.: LP-MCA-06024

2021 - “180gr. Reissue, High Quality“ - zum 50-jährigen Jubiläum von Loretta Lynns Album ”Coal Miner’s Daughter” aus dem Jahr 1970 erscheint nun diese hochwertige Neuauflage. Das Album wurde 1983 mit Gold ausgezeichnet.

24,90 *

DEMENT, IRIS - Infamous Angel

Artikel-Nr.: LP-PLAIN-185

2013 - das großartige, von Jim Rooney produzierte Original Album aus dem Jahr 1992 hier auf 180gr. Vinyl veröffentlicht (Klappcover); eingespielt u.a. mit Al Perkins (dobro), Stuart Duncan (fiddle & mandolin), Jerry Douglas (dobro) sowie Emmylou Harris und Jim Roones (harmony vocals); 11 Songs wie THESE HILLS - OUR TOWN oder HIGHER GROUND

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Artikel-Nr.: LP-PLAIN-186

das Album aus dem Jahr 1994 hier als LP auf 180gr. Vinyl veröffentlicht; produziert von Jim Rooney und eingespielt u.a. mit Al Perkins und Roy Huskey, Jr.... 10 Titel wie SWEET IS THE MELODY oder MOM & DAD'S WALTZ

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Neu LYNN, LORETTA - Still Woman Enough

Artikel-Nr.: LP-827771

2021 - (on vinyl) - The American music icon’s 50th studio album (excluding her 10 studio duet collaborations with Conway Twitty), Still Woman Enough celebrates women in country music. From her homage to the originators, Mother Maybelle Carter and the Carter Family (via her cover of KEEP ON THE SUNNY SIDE) through a new interpretation of her very first single, I’M A HONKY TONK GIRL, Loretta Lynn acknowledges her role in the continuum of American country music with a special collaboration with Reba McEntire and Carrie Underwood (STILL WOMAN ENOUGH), and duets with Margo Price (ONE’S ON THE WAY) and Tanya Tucker (YOU AIN’T WOMAN ENOUGH), sharing the musical torch with some of the brightest lights and biggest stars in contemporary country music.

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DEMENT, IRIS - Sing The Delta

Artikel-Nr.: 2-LP-57071

2012 - Album von 2012 mit 12 Titeln, darunter SING THE DELTA - BEFORE THE COLORS FADE - MORNIN' GLORY oder LIVIN' ON THE INSIDE ....hier auf Vinyl     Lieferfähigkeit unbestimmt !!!

25,00 *

DEXTER, AL - ...Sings And Plays His Greatest Hits

Artikel-Nr.: LP-HAT-3101

rare Wiederveröffentlichung auf "Stetson" des Original Albums von 1962 mit 12 Songs, darunter PISTOL PACKIN' MAMA - NEW BROOM BOOGIE - GUITAR POLKA - ROSALITA - TEXAS WALTZ oder TOO LATE TO WORRY

13,00 *

DICKENS, HAZEL & ALICE GERRARD - Sing Me Back Home: The DC Tapes, 1965-1969

Artikel-Nr.: LP-DIRT-087

2018 - (on vinyl !!!) - Beloved bluegrass trailblazers Hazel Dickens & Alice Gerrard are revered as pioneers of the form, who challenged the norm at a time when bluegrass remained largely in the purview of men. Nowhere is this more clear than on a set of newly unearthed recordings, Sing Me Back Home: The DC Tapes, 1965-1969. Sourced from Alice's private archive and digitized with help from the Southern Folklife Collection at UNC Chapel Hill, the recordings invite us to witness the creative process of these towering figures—just two voices and a handful of instruments working out arrangements at home. Across 19 tracks the duo sings the classic country of The Carter Family, The Louvin Brothers, and Jimmie Rodgers.

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DRAKE, PETE - The Fabulous Steel Guitar Sound Of Pete Drake

Artikel-Nr.: LP-MH-8057

2018 - The sound of Nashville nightlife, circa 1962! Steel guitar pioneer Pete Drake slides and glides through a glimpse of what Music City instro sounds were like mid-century - the kinds you might hear at any neon-draped honky tonk - including everything from sexy-swing to country-cool on a dozen original tunes, ranging from the playful swing of "For Pete’s Sake" to the honky tonk shuffle of "Loves I’ve Known" to the hip jazz menace of "The Spook," and on through the hillbilly cosmic in the album closer, "Galaxie," in which Drake trades licks with steel guitar legend, "Little" Roy Wiggins.  Mastered from the original analog mono reels and pressed on red vinyl, Modern Harmonic brings this essential U.S. steel from Nashville to your record collection! 

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LAUDERDALE, JIM - When Carolina Comes Home Again

Artikel-Nr.: 2-LP-YEPX-2695

2020 - record/vinyl + Digital Album bonus 45 includes the songs TRASHCAN TOMCAT and HEADED FOR THE HILLS recorded at North Carolina Govenor's Mansion - Jim Lauderdale geht mit “When Carolina Comes Home Again” zurück zu seinen Wurzeln und veröffentlicht ein lupenreines Bluegrass Album mit alten und neuen Songs… the 13-track album pays homage to his native state and features instrumental accompaniment from various members of North Carolina-based acts incl. Balsam RangeCane Mill RoadHank Pattie & the CurrentJohn StickleySongs From The Road BandSteep Canyon Rangers, and Town Mountain; as well as Matt Pruett (banjo), Pattie Hopkins Kinlaw (fiddle), Aaron Ramsey (mandolin), Nick Dauphinais and Presley Barker on guitars…

29,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: LP-TMR-086

2011 - Live recording from the performance at Third Man Records on 01.30.10. Exclusive live LP recorded straight to tape from the Drive-By Truckers concert at Third Man Records, Nashville. Drive-By Truckers are an alternative country/Southern rock band based in Athens, Georgia: John Neff (guitar, pedal steel guitar, vocals), Shonna Tucker (bass, guitar, vocals), Patterson Hood (guitar, bass, vocals), Mike Cooley (guitar, bass, vocals), Jay Gonzalez (keyboards, guitar, vocals) + Brad Morgan (drums). Blues Rock/Southern Rock

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