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STUART, MARTY - The Gospel Music Of

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-SHDVD-8944

2014 - 21 Songs mit 'Marty Stuart & His Fabulous Superlatives', darunter JUST A LITTLE TALK WITH JESUS - MY LAST DAYS ON EARTH und LORD, I'M COMING HOME mit Connie Smith & Bill Gaither

19,90 *

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Artikel-Nr.: DVD-SMASH003

2011 - Laufzeit 1 Std. + 50 Minuten; Live Konzert vom 25. Juni 2011 in Perth mit über 20 Titeln aus den ersten 6 Jahren ihrer Karriere + Interviews, Biografien, Backstage Fotos usw. Titel wie LITTLE BIT RUSTY - SIX PACK SHORT und CUTTIN UP B&S STYLE

21,90 *

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VARIOUS ARTISTS - Four American Roots Music Films

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-13103

2007 - by Yasha Aginsky  -   Don't miss these four unique films, bringing you insight into the birth and development of American Music: Homemade American Music, Sonny Terry, Shoutin’ the Blues, Les Blues de Balfa & Cajun Visits - Featuring Mike Seeger, Elizabeth Cotten, Alice Gerard,Tommy Jarrell, Roscoe Holcomb, Sonny Terry, Denis McGee, Wallace “Cheese” Read, Canray Fontenot, Leopold François, Robert Jardell, Dewey Balfa, Marc Savoy, Jody Stecher and more - Total Running Time: 104 minutes 

22,90 *

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Legends Of Old Time Music

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-13026

2002 - 58 minutes, incl. 22page comprehensive booklet featuring biographical material, rare photographs and details on the tunes.... u.a. mit Tommy Jarrell, Roscoe Holcomb, Doc Watson und Jean Ritchie

19,90 *

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VARIOUS ARTISTS - Legends Of Traditional Fingerstyle Guitar

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-VESTAPOL-13004

2001 - 58 Minuten, inkl. 12seitigem Booklet - each of the srtists presented here are masters of fingerstyle guitar, whether two or three finger picking, with or whitoutpicks, most were born around the turn of century or in its early years, itles include: Merle Travis JOHN HENRY, LOST JOHN, Roscoe Holcomb POOR WAYFARING STRANGER or Doc Watson DEEP RIVER BLUES and many more

22,90 *

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VARIOUS ARTISTS - Legends Of Western Swings Guitar

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-13062

2003 - 60 minutes, color and B&W, incl. booklet; Legends Of Western Swing Guitar, presents the playing of Billy Dozier, Muriel Zeke Campbell, Tommy Morrell and more in rare black & white archival films from the 1940s to recent performances recordrd in color from the last decade.

19,90 *

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VARIOUS ARTISTS - Music From The South

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-13131
2013 - Laufzeit 103 Minuten - This is a great addition to the Old-Time music library, with no less than 36 performances by a variety of rural country, cajun and blues musicans who were captured on film in the 1960s and early 70s. Most of us were not aware that such precious footage was preserved-what a treat it is to see Clark Kessinger, Kilby Snow and the Coon Creek Girls, among others, in this black & white DVD....36 Songs wie SALLY ANN JOHNSON von Clarl Kessinger, EAST VIRGINIA BLUES von den Coon Creek Girls oder OLD JOE CLARK von Jimmy Driftwood
19,90 *

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Shady Grove-Old Time Music From North Carolina, Kentucky & Virginia

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-13071

2004 - 60mins - featuring Kilby Snow, Dock Boggs, Tommy Jarrell & Roscoe Holcomb. This DVD presents poignant and exciting musical performances by four highly expressive and individualistic makers of traditional old time country music. This is a wonderful 60 minute collection that features rare film footage of four superb old-time mountain musicians.

22,90 *

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Take Me Back To Tulsa

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-13089

2006 - Laufzeit 60 Minuten, "An Anthology Of Western Swing" Western swing represents an explosive melting pot of styles and genres, the result of which is unyieldingly listenable, danceable and unique... u.a. mit Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys, Tommy Duncan und Hank Thompson

19,90 *

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VARIOUS ARTISTS - That High Lonesome Sound

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-1404

1996 - The High Lonesome Sound weaves a portrait of a region and way of life with the story of Roscoe Holcomb, the extraordinary singer-guitarist whom Eric Clapton once called "his favorite country musician." Images of Roscoe singing on his back porch or working a hoe against stubborn soil are intercut with scenes of coal miners, passionate church services, a riverside baptism, Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys singing on the Hazard, Kentucky courthouse steps, and stark, intense visions of life in eastern Kentucky.

17,90 *

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Winners 2011

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-109799

2011 - Laufzeit 45 Minuten - 14 Titel von den Finalisten der "39th Jayco Country Music Awards Of Australia" - u.a. mit Kasey Chambers, Lee Kenaghan und Catherine Britt

27,90 *

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WATSON, DALE & His Lonestars -

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-MM-1024

2006 - diese DVD bietet einen authentischen und unverstellten Einblick in die Song-und Soundwelt des auf der kleinen Newland Bühne schnörkellos agierenden Singer/Songwriters und Gitarristen, der sich als Kumpel von echtem Schrot und Korn erweist...

15,90 *

WATSON, DALE - For Fans Only / Live

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-DAVIR-2

2001 – “Real Deal Country Concert” - filmed on the first day of his European tour in Autumn 2001. Dale Watson was invited to perform in front of a select group of fans, adding a new chapter to his already impressive discography.

15,90 *

WELLS, KITTY AND JOHNNIE & JACK - Kitty Wells And Johnnie & Jack

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-SHA-623

2015 - Come on back to the heyday of country, the early 1950s, and spend some time with legendary performers Kitty Wells and Johnnie & Jack. Here are 22 classic selections that capture these artists at the height of their powers performing many of their most popular numbers. 35mm color film. THERE'S POISON IN YOUR HEART - ASHES OF LOVE ...

18,90 *
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31 - 44 von 44 Ergebnissen