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ADCOCK, EDDIE - The Banjo Of Eddie Adcock

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00641978

1999/2006 - 75 minutes, tab enclosed, taught by Eddie Adcock with Martha Adcock, guitar... Take a lesson from one of the true innovators of the five-string banjo, and discover the secrets to his unmistakable Bluegrass style in this unique DVD tutorial.

24,90 € *

CARLIN, BOB - Learn To Play Clawhammer Banjo, Lesson 2

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00641736
1995/2004 - "Beyond The Basic", taught by Bob Carlin, 50 minutes, Tab enclosed - Bob Carlin presents a variety of classic tunes and techniques, each broken down in careful detail and enhanced by his tried-and-true playing tips and advice.
25,90 € *

FLECK, BÉLA - Banjo Picking Styles

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00641814

1984/2005 - taught by Béla Fleck, 60 minutes, tab enclosed; get your hands on this classic tutorial and discover how Béla Fleck has since become arguably the greatest banjo player of our time. A must for every aspiring banjo picker's library!!!

25,90 € *

HARTFORD, JOHN - The Banjo Accordings To John Hartford

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00641654
1999/2004 - Licks, Ideas and Music Lesson 2, 60 minutes, tab enclosed, with Chris Sharp, guitar and fiddle. On this second lesson in his unique banjo series, John Hartford once agin passes on numerous ideas for the learning player.
25,90 € *

KEITH, BILL - Play Bluegrass Banjo By Ear

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00641881
1987/2005 - 60 minutes, taught by Bill Keith. This lesson in basic music theory for five-string banjo conveys an understanding of the instrument that will open up vast possibilities for all players.
25,90 € *

OSBORNE, SONNY - The Bluegrass Banjo Of Sonny Osborne

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00641921

1995/2005 - 90 minutes, Tab enclosed - Taught by Sonny Osborne with special guest Bobby Osborne and the Osborne Brothers Band - Learn from a legendary figure in the world of bluegrass banjo! Sonny Osborne fills this lesson with detailed instruction, historical reminiscenes and insightful advice for all learning banjo pickers. Songs incl. DANNY BOY - EL RANDO - ME AND MY OLD BANJO and many more.

25,90 € *

PERLMAN, KEN - Beginning Clawhammer Banjo

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00000330
2004 - 60 minutes, Transcription booklet enclosed, Ken Perlman is one of the most celebrated clawhammer banjo stylists performing today. In this DVD, Ken shows you step by step how to play the exciting clawhammer style.
19,90 € *

PERLMAN, KEN - Intermediate Clawhammer Banjo

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00000331
2004 - 60 minutes, Transcription booklet enclosed - This DVD picks up where "Beginning Clawhammer Banjo" leaves off. It begins with a review of brush thumbing and the single string stroke.
19,90 € *

RENO, DON WAYNE - Bluegrass Banjo-Don Reno Style

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00641931
1995/2005 - taught by Don Wayne Reno, 60 minutes, tab enclosed - with Dale Reno, guitar. The improvisational flair and amazing technical skill of the legendary Don Reno are laid bare for you to discover in the DVD tutorial by his very own son, Don Wayne Reno.
25,90 € *

SEEGER, PETE - How To Play The 5-String Banjo

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL000641713

1991/2004 - 60 minutes, incl. tab file on DVD to View or Print - with special guest appearance by Doc Watson; America's most beloved banjo picker teaches his playing techniques and more than a dozen songs.

24,90 € *

STANLEY, RALPH - The Banjo Of Ralph Stanley

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00641906
1992/2005 - 90 minutes, Tab enclosed, "from Old-Time to Bluegrass" with The Clinch Mountain Boys, hosted by Mike Seeger. This rare session with one of the giants of bluegrass and old-time music is a must for banjo players and fans alike.
25,90 € *

TRISCHKA, TONY - Classic Bluegrass Banjo Solo

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00641567
2003 - taught by Tony Trischka - with John McGann, guitar - 60 minutes, incl. tab
25,90 € *

WERNICK, PETE - Bluegrass Jamming

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00641558
2000 - A Guide for Newcomers and Closet Pickers, taught by Pete Wernick, 105 minutes, includes lyrics and chords, with Nick Foster, Sally Van Meter, Ben Kaufman, Pete Wernick, Michael Kang, Eric Walser & Joan "Nondi" Wernick. Get in on the jam session! Novice pickers can just grab an instrument, slip the DVD into the player, and play along with confidence.
25,90 € *

WERNICK, PETE - Get Rolling! An Ultra-Easy, No-Fail Introduction to Bluegrass Banjo

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00641671
2000/2004 - taught by Pete Wernick, 60 minutes, chord and lyrics enclosed. Pete "Dr. Banjo" Wernick gets total novices to make good banjo music almost immediately. This super-easy lesson has been time-tested at pete's many workshops and music camps, and it works!
19,90 € *
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