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BUSH, SAM - Bluegrass Mandolin

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00641669
1984/2005 - taught by Sam Bush - one hour, 40 minutes - music and tab enclosed - Learn mandolin style and technique from a true bluegrass legend!
25,90 € *

BUSH, SAM - The Sam Bush Mandolin Method

Artikel-Nr.: 2-DVD-HL00641585
2003 - 2 hours, 30 minutes, incl. music & tab, hosted by Happy Traum. This terrific two-part series will help aspiring mandoling players improve their technical prowess, build repertoire and develop formidable musicianship on their instrument.
49,90 € *

JAMES, STEVE - Learn To Play Blues Mandolin 2

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00642064
2007 - taught by Steve James, with Del Rey, guitar; 60 minutes, Music and tab enclosed. Get Bluesy on the Mandolin as Steve James brings learning Mandolinists more of the funky, old-time songs that made his previous instructional DVD on this instrument so popular!
19,90 € *

MARSHALL, MIKE - Mandolin Fundamentals For All Players 2

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00642053
2008 - Mastering Chords and Theory, 55 minutes, Music and chords enclosed. This encyclopedic chord lesson will provide hours of amazing practice sessions and should be in every mandolinist's DVD library.
25,90 € *

McCOURY, RONNIE - The Bluegrass Mandolin Of Ronnie McCoury

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00641650
1998/2004 - 80 minutes - Music and tab enclosed - with special guest Del McCoury, guitar and vocals - Take a lesson from the sensational mandolinist of the Del McCoury Band! Ronnie McCoury, whose playing has consistently won "Best Player" awards and raves from critics and audience members alike, teaches his most requested solos for learning mandolin players everywhere.
18,90 € *

McREYNOLDS, JESSE - Classic Bluegrass Mandolin

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00641929
1989/2005 - taught by Jesse McReynolds, 75 minutes, Music and tab enclosed, special guest Sam Bush. Bluegrass legend Jesse McReynolds invented crosspicking on the mandolin in the 1960's, and this DVD gives you the chance to learn this complex and powerful technique from the master himself.
25,90 € *

MONROE, BILL - The Mandolin Of Bill Monroe - Lesson One

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00641732

1992 / 2004 - One-On-One With The Master - taught by Bill Monroe - 90 minutes - hosted by John Hartford with special guests "The Bluegrass Boys"

14,90 € *

MONROE, BILL - The Mandolin Of Bill Monroe - Lesson Two

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00641733
1992 / 2004 - A Detailed Analysis - taught by Sam Bush - 90 minutes - music and tab enclosed
25,90 € *

O'BRIEN, TIM -The Mandolin And Bouzouki Of Tim O'Brien

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00641661

2004 - taught by Tim O' Brien, 105 minutes, incl. Music and Tab file on DVD to View or Print..."Playing Celtic, Bluegrass and Contemporary Songs" - Tim O'Brien's course will be a boon to mandolin and bouzouki (octave mandolin) players who want to improve their technique, develop ideas and learn new repertoire. The tunes and techniques that Tim teaches can be played on either instruments. Each song or instrumental that Tim teaches will bring you greater facility on your instrument. They include THE HIGH GARDEN - THE KID ON THE MOUNTAIN and more.

24,90 € *
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