COOK, AMANDA - Deep Water


COOK, AMANDA - Deep Water

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2017 - Deep Water is Amanda Cook’s first release on Mountain Fever Records. She’s been playing and performing for sometime and by the sound of this album she comfortably hit her stride sometime ago. The album has some appealing Americana covers but sits at the Country Pop end of Bluegrass with Patty Loveless, Dolly and Alison Krauss as references. Cook sings like a songbird whilst a tight five-piece Bluegrass band backs her delectable voice. "I fell in love with Bluegrass Music at a very young age.  My music is a blend of traditional and contemporary bluegrass. My influences are Alison Krauss, Dolly Parton, Patty Loveless, and many others." (Amanda Cook)... prod. by Aaron Ramsey (& mandolin), Jeff Partin (dobro), Scotty French (guitar)... liner notes by Jerry Salley ... 

12 Songs

  • MIDNIGHT 402             
  • NO RHYME OR REASON                    
  • BANKS OF BIG BEND             
  • TIL I’M TOO OLD                     
  • CALEB MEYER                       
  • MAGNOLIA WIND                    
  • LIAR'S MOON             
  • DEEP WATER             
  • CRY ,CRY DARLIN’                 
  • COME TO JESUS                   
  • BIG RIVER                  
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