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CLIFTON, BILL - America's Bluegrass Ambassador To The World


2017 - By Bill C. Malone (Univ. of Illinois Press, 2016) Softback 160 pp +   Since Bill Monroe joined the Grand Ole Opry in 1939 and brought his music to that famous stage, there have been many musicians and artists who have led very interesting lives. But it would be a challenge to find one who had as varied a background as Bill Clifton. Born in Maryland with the name William Marburg, Bill had much to do with the popularization of Bluegrass music over a good part of the world, and was elected to the Bluegrass Hall of Fame several years ago.

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DILLARDS - Musik Enzyklopädie

Artikel-Nr.: MUSIK-HEFT-24

1993 - im handlichen CD-Format - dieser Band (118 Seiten) durchleuchtet die Karrieren der Dillards und ihrer wichtighsten Musiker (Doug & Rodney Dillard, Herb Pedersen) und bringt eine ausführliche Diskographie sowie den musikalischen Stammbaum zum gesamten Dillards Umfeld.

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WILLIAMS, HANK & BILLIE JEAN JONES - A Country Music Wedding Extravaganza

Artikel-Nr.: 978-1-4507-2164-6

2010 - by Brian Turpin & Robert Gentry - Paperback, English, 21,5 x 28 cm, 44 pages - signed by Brian Turpin - This work provides the first in depth look at the second marrige of country music´s most respected singer / songwriter.

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WILLIAMS, HANK - Ramblin´ Man - Short Stories From The Life Of Hank Williams

Artikel-Nr.: 978-1-893693-13-5

2007 - by Brian Turpin - English, Paperback, 14 x 21,5 cm, 190 pages, rare b & w photos & memorabilia - all books signed by Brian Turpin - enthalten ist ein umfangreicher Artikel über die einmalige Hank Williams European Tour im Jahre 1949 mit vielen wenig bekannten, außergewöhnlichen Fotos von dieser Reise..

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WINSTON, WINNIE - Pedal Steel Guitar

Artikel-Nr.: BUCH+CD-OAK-63115

1975 - By Winnie Winston & Bill Keith – incl. CD and discography.  This complete guide to pedal steel guitar is a simple, straightforward instruction manual starts at the very beginning with tuning and playing fundamentals. It covers beginning to advanced instruction in the E9 tuning and an introduction to the C6 tuning. Special sections on additional knee levers, chord theory and ita application, right hand blocking and set-up and maintenance of the instrument.

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