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ADCOCK, EDDIE - Bluegrass Guitar-Fingerpicking Style

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00641973

1990/2006 - 90 minutes, taught by Eddie Adcock with Martha Adcock, Rhythm Guitar, tab enclosed - Bluegrass Star Eddie Adcock provides note-for-note arrangements of some of his best-loved pieces, revealing the secrets of his lightning-fast guitar techniques.

24,90 *

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Artikel-Nr.: DVD+2CD-DV10054

180 minutes - A fantastic look and learn method, a useful practice tool and a great way to unwind, playing along with your own Bluegrass band!

29,90 *

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DADI, MARCEL - Nashville Picking, Vol. One

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-GW933

2004 - taught by Marcel Dadi, 62 minutes. In this unique series of DVD lessons, Marcel Dadi presents the guitar arrangements of Merle Travis, Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins

25,90 *

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DADI, MARCEL - Nashville Picking, Vol. Two

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-GW934

2004 - taught by Marcel Dadi, 62 minutes. In this second DVD lessons dedicated to Nashville Picking, Marcel Dadi presents more guitar arrangements by Merle Travis, Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins.

25,90 *

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DAILEY & VINCENT - Bluegrass And Gospel Quartet Singing

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00642178

2012 - taught by Jamie Dailey and Darrin Vincent with Jeff Parker & Christian Davis, 75 Minutes, Chords, Lyrics, and Music file on DVD to View or Print. This DVD is entertaining as well as informative.

25,90 *

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DAILEY & VINCENT - Teach Bluegrass And Gospel Duet Singing

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00642088

2009 - "Old Time Country Harmony" - Laufzeit: 75 Minuten - This unique DVD captures their ideas on duet singing as they take apart eight of their show-stopping songs, incl. BY THE MARK and MUSIC OF THE MOUNTAIN

22,90 *

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GRIER, DAVID - Bluegrass Guitar

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00641903

1996/2005 - "Building Powerful Solos", taught by David Grier, 75 minutes, Music and tab enclosed. Here's your chance to learn from an award-winning guitarist, and develop the bluegrass soloing abilities you've always dreamed of having.

25,90 *

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Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00641904

1994/2005 - 60 minutes, music and lyrics enclosed, taught by The Nashville Bluegrass Band; Sing along with the Nashville Bluegrass Band, and share in their distinctive harmony singing techniques in this special DVD workshop.

25,90 *

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RICE, TONY - An Intimate Lesson With Tony Rice

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00641772

1984/2004 - taught by Tony Rice, 60 minutes, Music and tab enclosed. This archival video lesson, orginally recorded in 1984, brings the fabulous Tony Rice picking style up close and personal, so you can clearly see what he's doing.

25,90 *

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WATSON, DOC - Flatpicking With Doc

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00641621

1996/2003 - taught by Doc Watson, 80 minutes, incl. music and tab. Doc Watson, whose spectacular technique has influenced a generation of pickers, teaches intermediate-level players the intricacies of his unique style.

37,50 *

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WERNICK, PETE - Bluegrass Slow Jam For The Total Beginner

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00641916

2005 - feat. Drew Emmitt (mandolin), Nick Foster (guitar), Ben Kaufman (bass), Sally Van Meter (dobro), Joan Wernick (guitar) & Nancy Steinberger (fiddle); 120 minutes, chords and lyrics enclosed. A Super-Easy, No-Fail Play-Along Session with Pete "Dr. Banjo" Wernick. Anyone with any instrument can join in with this Bluegrass jam session, even if you've never tried it before....all you need four basic chords to play along with the band!

25,90 *
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Artikel-Nr.: DVD-HL00641950

2006 - One Hour, 50 minutes, chords and lyrics enclosed, 22 Great Songs and Instrumentals! Here's a full-to-the-brim DVD made especially for bluegrass pickers who want to take their jamming ability to the next level.

25,90 *

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WHITE, CLARENCE - Guitar Workshop

Artikel-Nr.: DVD-SRDVD-2005

2005 - An intimate 1973 TV studio session with the incomparable Clarence White, in a guitar workshop hosted by Bob Baxter. Clarence performs "Wildwood Flower," "Listen to the Mockingbird," "Crawdad Song," "I Am a Pilgrim," "Soldier's Joy" and "Sally Goodin." Plus the Kentucky Colonels on the Andy Griffith Show, May 1961, singing with Sherriff Taylor himself, and a segment from the 1965 B-movie "The Farmer's Other Daughter," backing up Ernest "Talk Back Trembling Lips" Ashworth on three songs. Color (except for the Mayberry segment); 40 min.

15,90 *
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