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ATKINS, CHET - Chet Atkins' Workshop + The Most Popular Guitar

Artikel-Nr.: CD-670099

2019 - limited Edition of 500 copies, digipak incl. booklet - enthalten sind die beiden Original Alben aus den Jahren 1960 + 1961 sowie 5 Bonus Titel - u.a. IN A LITTLE SPANISH TOWN - BONITA - MONTE CARLO MELODIE - ROCK-A-BYE BAY oder HOT MOCKING BIRD

13,90 *

CLASS OF '55 - Memphis Rock & Roll Homecoming

Artikel-Nr.: CD-550838-2

1986 - Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison und Johnny Cash mit 10 Titel wie SIXTEEN CANDLES - CLASS OF '55 oder WE REMEMBER THE KING; eingespielt neben den 4 Stars u.a. noch mit Reggie Young, Marty Stuart und Bob Wooton und beim Titel BIG TRAIN (FROM MEMPHIS) hören wir u.a. John Fogerty, The Judds, Jack Clement, Rick Nelson und Sam Phillips

9,90 *

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CRADDOCK, BILLY 'CRASH' - Boom Boom Billy: The Rock 'n' Roll Years

Artikel-Nr.: CD-JAS-1006

2019 - long before his 1970s/80s career as 'Mr Country-Rock', with forty hits on the US Country charts, BILLY 'CRASH' CRADDOCK was a teenage Rockabilly/Rock 'n' Roller. This compilation anthologises Crash's early Rock'n'Roll career between 1957-61, including all his Australian hits, a couple of which were never released in the US. Also includes a handful of other collectors' rarities, which have never previously appeared on CD.

14,90 *

DICKERSON, DEKE - King Of The Whole Wide World

Artikel-Nr.: CD-SPV-049

Album aus dem Jahr 2008 mit 15 Titeln, darunter DEEP RIVER - BOONE COUNTY BLUES - FOOL'S GOLD oder PUT ME DOWN

9,90 *

DICKERSON, DEKE - Number One Hit Record + More Million Sellers

Artikel-Nr.: 2-CD-FLOATM6158

2012 - mit Booklet - enthalten sind die beiden Original Alben mit insgesamt 32 Titeln, darunter MEXICALI ROSE - HOT ROD QUEEN - THE END OF THE LINE oder MY NAME IS DEKE

8,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-MLCD-008

2014 - This is the Trashmen's first album in 25 years and it's full of the great Minnesota surf sound you know and love from the "Surfin' Bird" hitmakers. There's plenty of "bird" to go around, including "Psycho Bird," "Flipping the Bird," and "My Baby Does the Bird"; several great new originals by Deke, including "Good News," "I'm a Trashman," and "Brewski"; and some great covers in the inimitable Trashmen style, including "Bucket T," "Lotta Lovin," "Olds Mo William," "White Lightnin'" and many more. If you've loved the Trashmen and their great 1960s records, then you'll love this disc!

16,90 *

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Artikel-Nr.: CD-BS-263

2018 - hier kollaborieren der Grammy-nominierte Singer & Songwriter Robbie Fulks mit der Rock´n´Roll Royalty Linda Gail Lewis, der jüngeren Schwester von Jerry Lee Lewis und das Duo bewegt sich musikalisch zwischen Rock'n'Roll, Americana, Country & Western und Rockabilly. Fulks, der auch als Produzent des Albums fungiert, gilt bereits als einer der aufmerksamsten und ironischsten Songwriter der letzten zwei Jahrzehnte" (Rolling Stone), Linda Gail Lewis tourte bereits des Öfteren mit Jerry Lee Lewis und zeigt sich für die fantastischen Klavierinnovationen auf "Wild! Wild! Wild!" verantwortlich.

15,90 *

JACKSON, WANDA - Hard-Headed Woman: A Celebration Of Wanda Jackson

Artikel-Nr.: CD-BS-077

2004 - inkl. 10seitiges Booklet - Tribute Album mit Künstlern aus Texas, New York, Seattle, Chicago, Nashville... Highlight für Country Roots Freunde und Rock'n Roller! 21 Songs wie FUNNEL OF LOVE – RIGHT OR WRONG – FUJIAMA MAMA oder LET´S HAVE A PARTY interpretiert u.a. von Kelly Hogan, Neko Case, Robbie Fulks, Wayne "The Train" Hancock, Bottle Rockets, Laura Cantrell und Rosie Flores.

16,90 *

JACKSON, WANDA - I Remember Elvis

Artikel-Nr.: CD-CLP-15682

2006 - This very rare 14-song set with two spoken tracks paying tribute to the late Elvis Presley, is probably the CD Wanda Jackson's fans have been waiting to hear… Rockabilly Queen Wanda Jackson pays tribute to Elvis Presley, performing The King's songs with hot Rockabilly licks from guitar-ace Danny B Harvey.

18,90 *

JACKSON, WANDA - The Ultimate Collection

Artikel-Nr.: 2-CD-71202
2007 - Zusammenstellung von 51 Titeln, darunter RIGHT OR WRONG - LET'S HAVE A PARTY - SLIPPIN' - IN THE MIDDLE OF A HEARTACHE - CANDY MAN oder FUJIYAMA MAMA
12,90 *

JACKSON, WANDA - The Very Best Of The Country Years

Artikel-Nr.: CD-CDH-1125

2006 - umfassende Zusammenstellung von 30 Country Titeln wie MEMORY MOUNTAIN - RIGHT OR WRONG - FEVER - CANDY MAN - BLUE YODEL #6 oder WEARY BLUES FROM WAITIN'

15,90 *

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JACKSON, WANDA - Unfinished Business

Artikel-Nr.: CD-SH-4087

2012 - “Unfinished Business“ ist das einunddreißigste Studioalbum der amerikanischen Sängerin Wanda Jackson. Das Album enthält neues Material sowie Coverversionen von Liedern von Sängern und Songwritern wie Townes Van Zandt, Etta James, Woody Guthrie und Bobby Womack / Shirley Womack. Rockabilly und Country, aber auch Blues bis hin zu Gospel. Für die Produktion ihres 31.Studio-Albums hat die Künstlerin aus Oklahoma diesmal die Dienste von Justin Townes Earle in Anspruch genommen. Eine gute Wahl, denn der Songwriter und Sohn von Steve Earle hat es geschafft, dem Album einen "Back to her roots"-Sound zu verpassen, der authentisch und trotzdem nicht altmodisch klingt.

16,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-RRCD-4007

Album aus dem Jahr 2013 mit 12 eigenen Titeln wie GHOST OF YOU - DEEJAY oder SHADOWS ON THE OLD BAYOU

16,90 *

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LENZ, KIM - Slowly Speeding

Artikel-Nr.: CD-BSR-1122

2019 - Kim Lenz is generally known as a rockabilly artist – particularly because of the growl she can achieve in her vocals. You can call Slowly Speeding a rockabilly album, and you wound’t be wrong. The ten songs brim with growling vocals, clever turns of phrase and heightened musicianship that services both the songs and the emotional intent behind them…  

16,90 *

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LEWIS, JERRY LEE - Fireball ! The Collection

Artikel-Nr.: 2-CD-SPECXX2059

2011 – feat. classic & rare tracks including favourites GREAT BALL OF FIRE – ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN & WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES… rock ‘n’ roll original wild man is guaranted to electrify…enjoy !  -  41 tracks !!

9,90 *

LEWIS, JERRY LEE - Greatest Hits

Artikel-Nr.: LP- 319

2020 - “Limited green colored 180gr. vinyl LP High Quality pressing” - Greatest Hits features 18 classic Jerry Lee Lewis hit songs transferred from the original master tapes by Chase Gregory at Sun and remastered by Nick Robbins at Soundmastering Studios, cut to lacquers at half-speed for unrivalled sound quality by Barry Grint at Alchemy Mastering in London. Each LP is pressed on limited edition 180-gram heavyweight audiophile green vinyl and comes complete with sleeve notes by Sun Entertainment Corporation President John A. Singleton.

27,90 *

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LEWIS, JERRY LEE - Jerry Lee Lewis + Killer Country + When Two Worlds Collide

Artikel-Nr.: 2-CD-BGO-1353

2018 - Jerry Lees three albums for Elektra Records, dating from 1979 and 1980 Bones Howe produced Jerry Lee Lewis with James Burton and Hal Blaine amongst the sidesmen. The other two albums are country-style in Jerry Lees inimitable interpretation, and a mixture of original songs and covers. Digitally remastered and slipcased, and with extensive new notes.

17,90 *

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LEWIS, JERRY LEE - Last Man Standing

Artikel-Nr.: CD-GO-70322
2008 - "The Duets" - 21 Duette u.a. mit Bruce Springsteen, Merle Haggard, Ringo Starr, George Jones und Kris Kristofferson
16,90 *

LEWIS, JERRY LEE - Last Man Standing

Artikel-Nr.: CD-GO-70321
2008 - hier als DigiPack lieferbar! "The Duets" - 21 Duette u.a. mit Bruce Springsteen, Merle Haggard, Ringo Starr, George Jones und Kris Kristofferson
16,90 *

LEWIS, JERRY LEE - Live From Austin, Texas

Artikel-Nr.: CD-NW6122

2007 - Live Konzert vom 17. Oktober 1983 mit 15 Titeln wie C C RIDER - YOU WIN AGAIN - CHANTILLY LACE und GREAT BALLS OF FIRE

14,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-2747092

2010 - The terrific Mean Old Man - an even better “comeback” record than Lewis’ acclaimed 2006 release Last Man Standing - follows the template of Johnny Cash’s Rick Rubin-produced albums, setting Lewis loose on well-chosen standards and surrounding the legend with big-name fans. (Everyone from Eric Clapton, Merle Haggard and John Mayer to Sheryl Crow and Mavis Staples makes an appearance, along with three Rolling Stones and one Beatle.) Lewis rumbles through Stones chestnuts (“Dead Flowers,” with Mick Jagger) and country classics (“Whiskey River,” with Willie Nelson). His version of “Sweet Virginia,” with Keith Richards, has a delicious swagger.

18,90 *

LEWIS, JERRY LEE - Rock & Roll Time

Artikel-Nr.: CD-833424

2014 - Jerry Lee Lewis once again invites his famous friends to play on some old favorites. This time, though, he’s not in a duetting mood. Lewis relegates the likes of Keith Richards, Robbie Robertson, Daniel Lanois, Greg Leisz (pedal steel guitar), Neil Young, Nils Lofgren, Derek Trucks to guitar and backing vocals - making this less a star-studded spectacle than a personal statement, with the 79-year-old singer bringing his voice and piano to several blues standards, a couple of Chuck Berry tunes and an unexpected Dylan deep cut: STEPCHILD…

16,90 *

MATCHBOX - The Platinum Collection

Artikel-Nr.: CD-11832-2

2005 - inzwischen rare Zusammenstellung von 18 Titeln wie ROCKABILLY REBEL - MARIE MARIE - ROCKIN' AT THE RITZ oder MIDNITE DYNAMOS

12,90 *

MAY, IMELDA - Love Tattoo

Artikel-Nr.: CD-1790561

2007 - On the strength of some high-profile support slots and appearances at the 2008 Glastonbury Festival, Dublin-born rockabilly diva Imelda May's debut album 'Love Tattoo' has won her both critical praise and ardent followers. From the frank and explicit nature of 'Johnny Got A Boom Boom' to the tender intimations of 'Falling In Love With You Again', May asserts herself as a versatile performer with subtle, jazz-influenced inflections. Citing the likes of Billie Holiday and Wanda Jackson as her main influences explains the entertaining dualities in the sound of 'Love Tattoo'.

11,90 *

MAY, IMELDA - More Mayhem

Artikel-Nr.: CD-2778155

2011 - Imelda Mays rasante Mischung aus Rockabilly, Jazz, Blues und Surfmusik ist einmalig… a well-produced, solidly performed mix of rockabilly, garage rock, surf guitar licks, sultry torch songs and whatever else that gets pulled into May's considerable gravitational well. May has a powerful voice capable of anything from breathy nuance to full-out hollering, though her default setting is a kind of saucy, sassy sultriness…

11,90 *

MAY, IMELDA - Tribal

Artikel-Nr.: CD-3763558

2014 – “4th of Ireland's Reigning Queen of Rockabilly” - nun gibt sie aber Gas! Imelda May setzt auf ‘Tribal’ voll auf den guten alten Rockabilly. WILD WOMAN ist ein Paradestück und geht ordentlich nach vorn. FIVE GOOD MAN oder RIGHT AMOUNT OF WRONG sind von ähnlichem Kaliber…trotz des stark rockigen Einschlag ist die Musik sehr mainstreamig…handgemachte Musik mit den Zutaten der alten Rock’n’Roller, groovig und mitreißend…

11,90 *

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MAY, IMELDA ‎- Life. Love. Flesh. Blood (Limited Deluxe Edition)

Artikel-Nr.: CD-5729629

2017 - "Ltd. Deluxe Edition" - Album mit 4 zusätzlichen Songs,  incl. 36 Seiten Hardcover-Buch mit exklusiven Bildern und Notizen; produziert von T-Bone Burnett und begleitet von ihrer stilvollen Band… Irlands größte Stimme taucht tief ein in eine Welt aus Soul, Gospel, Blues, Rock, Akustik und ganz großen Gefühlen… eingespielt u.a. mit Dennis Crouch (acoustic bass), T Bone Burnett (guitar) Marc Ribot (guitars & ukulele)

14,90 *

MILESTONES, THE - El Trepidante Ritmo De...

Artikel-Nr.: CD-ET-2090
Album aus dem Jahr 2001 der spanischen Hillbilly/Rockabilly Band; 13 Titel, darunter RAMBLIN' COWBOY - NO SMOKING BLUES und TRAVELING BOOGIE
13,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-GR6105
"A Tribute To My Favorite Recording Artists", enthalten sind 15 Titel wie WALKING THE DOG - HOY HOY - MAKE LOVE TO ME und I'M HAVING A PARTY
9,90 *

MOORE, SCOTTY - Right Hand Of The King: 1954 - 1962 Recordings With Elvis Presley

Artikel-Nr.: CD-263558

2016 – incl. 16-page booklet incl. rare photos, vintage memorabilia, detailed liner notes and more - 24Bit digitally remastered – this essential collector’s edition contains 30 temastered studio tracks from Scotty Moore’s legendary and most inspired years as rock & roll guitar pioneer, consisting of a varity of the sensational master recordings he made for Sun Records and RCA Victor, between 1954 and 1962… most of them showcase him as the right hand of the King.

12,90 *
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