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ADAMS, DERROLL - Banjo Troubadour (A Live Recording)

Artikel-Nr.: LP+CD-SMR-037

2017 - Set LP (180gr. Vinyl) + CD - »Derroll Adams was the songwriter and singer, the other wrote and sang about!« - Roots For the first time in more than 20 years finally an official release of the legendary American 5-string banjo player and folk singer Derroll Adams. ! The live recordings on this album were made my Belgian National radio in 1973 and 1980 and were never released before. »Banjo Troubadour« shows Derroll Adams at his best: emotional songs, deeply rooted in the folk and country and a warm and deep voice telling stories and taking the listener on a unique and intimate trip.

23,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: LP-SH-3739

Album aus dem Jahr 1984 mit Byron Berline, Dan Crary und John Hickman - unterstützt werden sie noch von Jerry Scheff und Skip Conover - 9 Titel, darunter ein B-C-H Special und ein Medley .... u.a. PISTOL PETE und TWO WEEKS AND A DAY

13,00 *


Artikel-Nr.: LP- ILML-0002

2019er Album (hier auf vinyl !!! ) der Bluegrass Band eingespielt mit dem niederländischen Singer/Songwriter Tim Knol; die Musik von Tim Knol wird oft mit dem Roots-Rock von Gram Parsons, Wilco und Ryan Adams verglichen... 12 Songs wie THE DEEP DARK WOODS - LIES AND ALIBIS und HAPPY HOUR

18,90 *

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BLUE GRASS BOOGIEMEN - Delivering The Grass

Artikel-Nr.: LP+CD-963459

Album von 2013 über das ein Freund der Band, Chris Hillman, viele lobende Worte verlor "....this record has all the right ingredients....solid playing and singing and a great choice of material...." 16 Songs wie BANJO BOY CHIMES - WHITE HOUSE BLUES oder ANOTHER MAN DONE GONE ....hier auf Vinyl als LP + CD lieferbar...

17,90 *

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Artikel-Nr.: LP+CD-96449

2016 - Zum 25-jährigen Jubiläum ist dieses Album erschienen: es wurden 16 Songs von 16 befreundeten Musikern aus all den Jahren auf Wunsch dieser "verbluegrasst" und von ihnen gesungen, u.a.  JESUS & THE OUTLAW von Danny Vera, ZO FIJN von Clean Pete, REARVIEW MIRROR von Tim Knol oder RUIMTETUIN von Dave von Raven... hier als Set mit LP + CD lieferbar !!!

12,90 *

BROWN, HYLO - Hylo Brown

Artikel-Nr.: LP-HAT-3077
1959 - auf dem STETSON Label veröffentlicht, Hylo Brown sings blue grass songs that wonderful, old time way - 12 Titel, darunter BLUE EYED DARLING - THE OLD HOME TOWN und LITTLE JOE
13,00 *


Artikel-Nr.: LP-YEP-24821

2016 - hier auf Vinyl veröffentlicht !!! - ein virtuoses Bluegrass Album mit melancholischen Melodien interpretiert von vier grandiosen Instrumentalisten...11 Songs wie BON TON ROULET - ROCK IN THE RIVER - DARK RIDER oder IF I HAD MY WAY

22,90 *

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CHATHAM COUNTY LINE - Sharing The Covers

Artikel-Nr.: LP-YEP-2653

2019 - (on vinyl) - North Carolina-based ensemble Chatham County Line will return with their eighth studio album this spring titled Sharing The Covers. The album is, at its core, a tribute to those whom Chatham County Line hold dear, and a chance for the group to perform modern and traditional classics in the bluegrass-style they're known for best. On the 13-track collection, CCL takes the familiar and adds a touch of originality to create a wholly new and inventive roster of covers by Tom Petty, Alton Delmore, John Lennon, The Louvin Brothers, Beck, James Hunter, and more.

24,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: 2-LP+DVD-YEP-2234

2012 - recorded live in Raleigh, NC feat. 20 all time fan favorites incl. BIRMINGHAM JAIL - CROP COMES IN & WILDWOOD... die Doppel LP (180 gr.) enthält 16 und die DVD 13 Titel.....Highlight !!!!

34,90 *

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CHATHAM COUNTY LINE - Strange Fascination

Artikel-Nr.: LP-YEP-2704

2020 - (Vinyl) - Die Band Chatham County Line ist mit einem neuen Bluegrass Album zurück. Das 12. Studioalbum "Strange Fascination" bietet neue und moderne Drum-Effekte, die einen außergewöhnlichen Sound erzeugen. Von dem verträumten Song "Oh Me Oh My" zum gewagten "Leave This World" demonstriert die Band ihr scharfes Selbstbewusstsein mit einer guten Portion Humor. Ein wunderschön gestaltetes Album, welches das einzigartige Songwriting der Band und die Musikalität sowie ihre kontinuierliche Innovation unterstreicht.

26,90 *

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Artikel-Nr.: LP+CD-YEP-2387

2014er Album der fantastischen Band mit Dave Wilson (vocal, guitar & harmonics), John Teer (mandolin,fiddle & vocal), Chandler Holt (banjo) und Greg Readling (bass, piano, pedal steel & vocal) mit 11 starken Songs, darunter THE TRAVELER und GIRL SHE USED TO BE.....hier als Set mit CD+ LP auf 180gr Vinyl lieferbar

27,90 *

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Artikel-Nr.: LP-YEP-2713

2020 - (auf Vinyl) - “Wildwood” ist ohne Frage eines der beliebtesten Alben von Chatham County Line. 10 Jahre nach Veröffentlichung wurde es neu digital remastered und erscheint auf Vinyl mit Bonusposter... mit 12 Titeln wie ALONE IN NEW YORK - HEART ATTACK oder GHOST OF WOODY GUTHRIE....

24,90 *

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CHE APALACHE - Rearrange My Heart

Artikel-Nr.: LP-DIRT-94

2019 - (on vinyl) - produced by legendary banjoist and multiple GRAMMY-award winning producer Béla Fleck; Rearrange My Heart is a vision of a truly “American” music, both in sound and stories; listening to Che Apalache lay this trailblazing groundwork is exciting, moving, and full of joyous surprises. With top-notch playing, wonderfully executed Stanley Brothers-style harmonies, and powerful lead vocals from JoeTroop (lead vocals & fiddle) throughout…

21,90 *

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CROWE, J.D. AND THE NEW SOUTH - J.D. Crowe And The New South

Artikel-Nr.: LP-10044-01

2016 - Record Store Day celebrates the 40th anniversary of this revolutionary bluegrass album with this special pressing, featuring two bonus tracks, PLUS extensive liner notes, based on new interviews with J.D. Crowe, Jerry Douglas, Tony Rice, Ricky Skaggs and Bobby Slone. Includes original the “flipping the bird" album cover photo (unseen since ’75.). The initial pressing is 1500 copies. 

25,90 *

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DEAD SOUTH, THE - Illusion & Doubt

Artikel-Nr.: LP+CD-DDUCK-065

2017 - Injecting folk and bluegrass sounds with a punk rock ethos (not to mention a banjo player who's a self-proclaimed metalhead), the band bring a fresh perspective to classic genres. Their new album was made with producer, engineer and mixer Jason Plumb at Studio One Recordings in their Saskatchewan hometown, and it aims to capture the group's raucous energy in recorded form. 12 Songs, darunter DEAD MAN'S ISLE - TIME FOR CRAWLIN' und GUNSLINGER'S GLORY...hier als Set mit LP+CD lieferbar !!!

23,90 *

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DILLARD & CLARK - Why Not Your Baby

Artikel-Nr.: VINYL-SINGLE-S-241

2013 - eingespielt neben Gene Clark (guitar & vocals) und Douglas Dillard (guitar, banjo & vocals) u.a. noch mit Bernie Leadon (guitar & vocals); enthalten sind die Songs WHY NOT YOUR BABY  und LYIN' DOWN THE MIDDLE (1969 veröffentlicht)

8,90 *

DILLARDS, THE - Reason To Believe + I've Just Seen A Face

Artikel-Nr.: VINYL-SINGLE-K-12210

1968/1976 - rare Single auf Vinyl mit den Songs REASON TO BELIEVE und I'VE JUST SEEN A FACE

8,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: 2-LP-NW-5019
Album von 1999 - hier als 2 LP auf 180gr. Vinyl - ein Klassiker mit dem Nashville Rebellen, kulturumweht und mit festem Platz in der amerikanischen Musikgeschichte - neben der Del McCoury Band sind u.a. dabei: Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Emmylou Harris und Gilllian Welch
27,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: LP-00426

2018 – (on vinyl) - 23 Song Set feat. 14 brand new recordings + 2 spacial bonus tracks - Earls of Leicester Live also serves up several tracks integral to Flatt and Scruggs’ legend-including “I’m Gonna Sleep with One Eye Open,” a song famously banned from the Grand Ole Opry-along with more oddball offerings like the gracefully sprawling two-part instrumental “Steel Guitar Blues/Spanish Two Step.”  Throughout Earls of Leicester Live, the band wholeheartedly channels the spirit of Flatt and Scruggs while allowing each member’s distinct charm and singular musicality to shine through. The Earls of Leicester are Barry Bales, Shawn Camp, Charlie Cushman, Jerry Douglas, Johnny Warren, and Jeff White. 

29,90 *

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Artikel-Nr.: LP-00551

(on vinyl) - their second album, 2016's Rattle & Roar, but they have managed to use some subtle studio technique to give this session a more distinct personality than was displayed on the debut. As anyone would expect, the performances on Rattle & Roar are splendid, and the musicians -- DouglasJohnny Warren on fiddle, Charlie Cushman on banjo, Shawn Camp on guitar and lead vocals, Jeff White on mandolin (replacing Tim O'Brien from the first album), and Barry Bales on upright bass -- sound even tighter and more joyously emphatic than they did before. (The harmonies are every bit as good, too.) 17 Songs wie STEEL GUITAR BLUES oder FLINT HILL SPECIAL

23,90 *

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EARLS OF LEICESTER, THE - The Earls Of Leicester

Artikel-Nr.: LP-61416

2014 - (on vinyl)  The new group is the product of Douglas's lifelong passion for the music of bluegrass pioneers Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs and their band the Foggy Mountain Boys, whose seminal work in the '50s and '60s created the template for what we know as contemporary bluegrass, and transcended traditional genre barriers to popularize the music with an unprecedented mass audience.
"This record is something I've been waiting my whole life to do," veteran Dobro master Jerry Douglas says of the self-titled debut by the new all-star dream team combo that he has assembled, organized and produced.... Jerry Douglas (dobro & vocals), Tim O'Brien (vocals & mandolin), Shawn Camp (lead vocals & guitar), Charlie Cushman (banjo, rhythm & lead guitar), Johnny Warren (fiddle & bass vocals) & Barry Bales (bass & vocals)

23,90 *

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FLATT, LESTER AND EARL SCRUGGS - Foggy Mountain Jamboree

Artikel-Nr.: LP-eXLP-44062

2012 - das Original Album aus dem Jahr 1957 hier auf HQ-180gr. Vinyl veröffentlicht (Klappcover) !!!! 12 Titel wie FLINT HILL SPECIAL - EARL'S BREAKDOWN - SHUCKIN' THE CORN oder BLUE RIDGE CABIN HOME

25,90 *

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Artikel-Nr.: 2-LP- TPTI-42005

2019 - (on vinyl 2-LP) - The highly anticipated follow-up to 2017's Grammy Award-winning Laws of Gravity, Rise Sun sees the progressive bluegrass quintet delivering another technically superb collection of songs that showcases their remarkable chops. Like its predecessor, the 13-track set pairs the inventive arrangements and virtuosic picking of fellow string wizards Punch Brothers with a more traditional singer/songwriter approach, resulting in something that at times hews closer to country-pop than bluegrass.

29,90 *

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GRASCALS, THE - Keep On Walkin

Artikel-Nr.: LP-R-0608
Álbum aus dem Jahr 2008 - Dierks Bentley sagte über dieses Album ".... exellent songwriting, incredible musicianship...makes this third Grascals record my new favorite." - 12 Titel, darunter u.a. SAD WIND SIGHS mit Vince Gill
17,90 *

HARTFORD, JOHN - Down On The River

Artikel-Nr.: LP-FF-514

1989 - “And The Hartford String Band” - John Hartford's Down on the River is an old-timey tribute to the Mississippi River and its steamboats, casinos and saloons, filled with campy salutes to a forgotten lifestyles, as well as surprisingly affectionate paens to a lost era. Hartford's approach may be too kitschy for some -- after all, there are several songs driven by calliope -- yet its a thoroughly entertaining album for listeners that share his obsessions, or at least his fondness for fine, old-timey banjo....very rare on vinyl !!!

15,90 *

HOT RIZE - In Concert

Artikel-Nr.: LP-FF-315

rares Album mit einem Live Konzert der Band um Tim O'Brien und Pete Wernick aus dem Jahr 1984 + Red Knuckles And The Trailblazers mit Songs wie MY LITTLE DARLIN' - LET ME LOVE YOU ONE MORE TIME - YOUR LIGHT LEADS ME ON oder TEXAS HAMBONE BLUES

14,90 *

HOT RIZE - Untold Stories

Artikel-Nr.: LP-SH-3756

1987 - The combo of vocalist/fiddler/mandolinist Tim O' Brien and banjo player Pete Wernick was never stronger than on Hot Rize's 1987 release Untold Stories. Never as "progressive" as some of their peers (New Grass Revivalthe Seldom SceneCountry Gazette), Hot Rize were able to hold on to the trappings of traditional roots music without ever letting it sound stale or too "old-timey." The underrated vocals of O'Brien harmonize beautifully with Wernick and bassist Nick Foster, and the dobro playing of the ubiquitous Jerry Douglas soars over several tracks.

14,90 *

HOT RIZE Presents RED KNUCKLES & THE TRAILBLAZERS - Hot Rize Presents Red Knuckles & The Trailblazer

Artikel-Nr.: LP-FF-279

1982 - Hot Rize Presents Red Knuckles & the Trailblazers recorded live in Niwot, Colorado in 1982. This Colorado-based band is comprised of first-rate musicians steeped in the tradition, letter-perfect pickin’ and strong, pile-driving bluegrass harmonies, but with a few contemporary notions of their own! Red Knuckles/Tim O'Brien (vocal & acoustic guitar), Wendell Mercantile/Nick Foster (electric guitar), Waldo Otto/Pete Wernick (steel guitar) + Slade/Charles Sawtelle (bass)

7,90 *

KEEN, ROBERT EARL - Happy Prisoner-The Bluegrass Sessions

Artikel-Nr.: 2-LP-15851

2015 - (hier auf Vinyl als Doppel LP) It is now getting more and more common to see artists from other genres putting out Bluegrass albums of their own. ...we can say that Keen has picked out a very nice selection of songs, some of which include LONG BLACK VEIL, POOR ELLEN SMITH, VINCENT BLACK LIGHTNING, T FOR TEXAS, EAST VIRGINIA BLUES, THE WALLS OF TIME, WHITE DOVE and OLD HOME PLACE. Among the nine backing musicians are Danny Barnes (banjo & guitar), Marty Muse (dobro) and Sara Watkins on fiddle, and there are guest appearances by Lyle Lovett, Peter Rowan, and Natalie Maines.

19,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: Vinylsingle-4585
Single von 1992 mit den Titeln NEW FOOL und STEEL RAILS
5,90 *
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