COOLIDGE, RITA - Safe in the Arms of Time

COOLIDGE, RITA - Safe in the Arms of Time

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2018 – (hier als LP auf Vinyl) inkl. 16-seitiges Booklet mit Statements und Songtexten – Coolidge said. “This is the best record I’ve ever done. I’m extremely proud of it.” On Safe in the Arms of Time, Coolidge offers a roots record based on her own roots. She took an active songwriting role as well as bringing in the writing talents of artists including Keb’ Mo’, Stan Lynch, Jill Colucci, Chris Stapleton, and Graham Nash. “I’ve written so many songs assuming a role like an actor, but this time I got to write from experience….”

12 Songs

  • SATISFIED                  
  • DOING FINE WITHOUT YOU                
  • WALKING ON WATER             
  • SPIRIT WORLD           
  • THE THINGS WE CARRY                    
  • NAKED ALL NIGHT                 
  • VAN GOGH                 
  • RAINBOW                   
  • OVER YOU                 
  • WE ARE BLOOD                     
  • YOU CAN FALL IN LOVE                     
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