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ANNE, MICHAELA - Bright Lights And The Fame

Artikel-Nr.: CD-KWR-1601

2016 - Michaela Anne recorded the album at Farmland Studio in Nashville: A collection of honky-tonkers and poignant ballads, the record evokes the country-rock sound of the Eagles and the emotional vocals of Linda Ronstadt and Emmylou Harris…. a more subdued affair that showcased the lilting side of Michaela Anne’s voice. Here, she lets loose, on tracks like the hard-charging LIVING WITHOUT YOU and the devilish LIQUOR UP...incl. LUISA feat. Rodney Crowell

17,90 *

ANNE, MICHAELA - Desert Dove

Artikel-Nr.: CD-YEP-2683

2019 - The album, produced by Sam Outlaw and Delta Spirit’s Kelly Winrich, is still very much rooted in the classic country she’s come to be known for… Michaela has been lauded for her timeless voice and narrative depth and this record takes that to the next level. The songwriting is confessional and unforgettable without being saccharin or self-indulgent; the tracks call to mind Michaela's diverse influences - everything from Stevie Nick's powerful voice and Fleetwood Mac's vibey arrangements to the Dixie Chick's incredible balance of conviction and catchiness - all showcasing her stellar voice and distinct vision….

16,90 *


Artikel-Nr.: CD-TND-509
2007 - überzeugendes Quartet mit Gitarre, Fiddle, Mandoline und Banjo... ausgezeichnete Stimme von Rani Arbo... große instrumentale Fertigkeiten aller Mitglieder... eine Mischung aus Old Time, Country und Bluegrass...tolle Songauswahl wie Bob Dylans FAREWELL, ANGELINA oder HEART WITH NO COMPANION von Leonard Cohen sowie vorzügliche eigene Songs
16,90 *

ARBO, RANI & DAISY MAYHEM - Cocktail Swing

Artikel-Nr.: CD-SS-1267

2001 - Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem launched with this CD: a musical oath to only ever, ever, ever have fun. It’s vintage, uke-fueled swing and blues all the way through, from Louis Jordan to George Jones.  "Cocktail Swing" features David Hamburger and Dave Dick on pickin’, Matt Weiner on bass, and Scott on Drumship. Andrew sings and plays uke, Rani croons and fiddles, and Anand turns in a cameo on harmony, having joined the band just months before this release.

16,90 *

ARBO, RANI & DAISY MAYHEM - Some Bright Morning

Artikel-Nr.: CD-SS7076

2012 - Recorded almost completely live, this one is an agnostic gospel revival, full of singing, dancing, and quietly wondering songs that ask big questions and celebrate the human spirit. The result is a mix of songs alternately hushed and a little wild, from traditional tunes (“I’ll Fly Away, Travelin’ Shoes), to covers (like Springsteen’s “Reason to Believe”) and originals, including Rani’s setting of Tennyson’s “Crossing the Bar.”


16,90 *

ARBO, RANI & DAISY MAYHEM - Violets Are Blue

Artikel-Nr.: CD-SIG-2074

2015 - Harmony, rhythm, indelible songs – these are the hallmarks of Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem, the New England based folk quartet now in its 15th year. From the Newport Folk Festival to the California World Music Festival and beyond, this band’s steadfast brew of wit, camaraderie, and musicality leaves audiences everywhere humming and hopeful, spirits renewed. Violets Are Blue is an album of love songs from the kaleidoscopic perspective of midlife. It’s hopeful, truth-telling and wry, with a wide sonic palette and guest appearances from friends old and new.

16,90 *

AREA CODE 615 - Trip In The Country

Artikel-Nr.: CD-PT-8036

2014 - On its second album, the Nashville professional musician supergroup Area Code 615 took the opportunity to stretch out and try some really far-out things. While still nominally country, this has more in common with the freewheeling psychedelic rock and sunshine pop of 1970 than what was coming out of Nashville....u.a. mit Charlie McCoy (harmonica), Weldon Myrick (steel) und Bobby Thompson (banjo) und Titeln wie SAUSALITO oder RUSSIAN RED

15,90 *

ARMSTRONG TWINS, THE - Mandolin Boogie

Artikel-Nr.: CD-AH-9046

1979/2004 - "In 1948, the Armstrong Twins impressed me as one of the purest hillbilly duets I had ever heard" (Chris Strachwitz)...feat. their first recordings from the late 1940s and their 1979 reunion session for Arhoolie Records..... 17 Titel wie MANDOLIN RAG - EIGHT THIRTY BLUES oder GREENBACK DOLLAR 

15,90 *

ARNOLD, EDDY - You Don’t Know Me: Rediscovering Eddy Arnold

Artikel-Nr.: CD-PLOW-1003

2014 - 'You Don't Know Me: Rediscovering Eddy Arnold' puts the focus on Arnold's 70-year career as a songwriter and hit-maker. Several songs were recorded at famed RCA Studio B in Nashville where Arnold recorded many of his signature songs. Punk legend, Cheetah Chrome, and author/music historian/professor, Don Cusic, have produced an album of rock, indie, roots, country, and pop musicians interpreting the timeless songs of Eddy Arnold, one of the most influential country musicians of all time… includes performances by Alejandro Escovedo, Lambchop, Bobby Bare Jr., Jason Isbell, Mary Gauthier and others.

16,90 *

ARNOLD, EDDY - You Gotta Have Love + Eddy Arnold Sings Them Again

Artikel-Nr.: CD-SEPIA-1336

2019 - One of country music's innovators, singer Eddy Arnold, is heard on 30 recordings from 1960-62, including the complete albums "You Gotta Have Love: Eddy Arnold" and "Eddy Arnold Sings Them Again." The latter includes redone, stereo versions of 12 of Arnold's major hits such as BOUQUET OF ROSES, ANYTIME, and I REALLY DON'T WANT TO KNOW, accompanied by famous musicians like guitarist Chet Atkins and pianist Floyd Cramer. Plus as a bonus, there are six songs that were only issued initially as 45 rpm singles.

16,90 *

ATKINS, CHET - Guitar Man

Artikel-Nr.: CD-754082

2000 - diese Sammlung enthält viele seiner Hits sowie Duette u.a. mit Dolly Parton, Jerry Reed und Les Paul....20 Titel wie YAKETY AXE - MR SANDMAN - FIDDLIN' AROUND - BLACKJACK oder TEENSVILLE

9,90 *

ATKINS, CHET - With Les Paul, Mark Knopfler, Jerry Reed And Tommy Emmanuel

Artikel-Nr.: 2-CD-RVCD-380

"Four Master Class Albums 1978-1997" - diese Doppel CD mit informativem Booklet enthält die 4 Original Alben "Guitar Monster" (Chester And Lester-Chet Atkins & Les Paul), "Neck And Neck" (Chet Atkins And Mark Knopfler), "Sneakin' Around" (Chet Atkins C.G.P.+Jerry Reed) und "The Day Finger Pickin' Took Over The World" (Chet Atkins C.G.P. With Tommy Emmanuel); insgesamt 43 Titel wie LIMEHOUSE BLUES - POOR BOY BLUES oder NEWS FROM THE OUTBACK

19,90 *

AXTON, HOYT - A Rusty Old Halo + Where Did The Money Go?

Artikel-Nr.: CD-EDCD-576
1998 - die beiden Original Alben aus den Jahren 1979 + 1980 hier auf einer CD; 22 Titel wie DELLA NAD THE DEALER - THE HOTEL RITZ - EVANGELINA und MIDNIGHT IN MEMPHIS
14,90 *

AXTON, HOYT - Free Sailin'

Artikel-Nr.: CD-EDCD-471
1978er Album eingespielt u.a. mit Bill Kirchen (guitar), Glen D. Hardin (piano)Pete Grant (pedal steel & dobro) und Byron Berline (fiddle); 10 starke Titel wie BLUEBIRD - HONKY TONK MUSIC oder das fantastische THEM DOWNERS
12,90 *

AXTON, HOYT - Life Machine

Artikel-Nr.: CD-3155
1974er Album eingespielt u.a. mit James Burton (electric guitar & dobro), Douglas Dillard (banjo) und Mark Dawson (harp); 11 Titel wie WHEN THE MORNING COMES - PET PARADE oder GERONIMO'S CADILLAC
14,90 *

AXTON, HOYT - My Griffin Is Gone

Artikel-Nr.: CD-ACA-8117
Original Album aus dem Jahr 1969 mit 12 folkigen Titeln wie ON THE NATURAL - IT'S ALL TIGHT NOW oder SNOW BLIND FRIEND
9,90 *

AXTON, HOYT - Pistol Packin' Mama + Spin Of The Wheel

Artikel-Nr.: CD-DIAB-8084
2006 - die beiden Original Alben aus den Jahren 1982 + 1990 hier auf einer CD veröffentlicht mit 24 Titeln, darunter DON'T FENCE ME IN - JAMES DEAN AND THE JUNKMAN und MR WINCHESTER'S GUN .....sehr rar !!!
15,90 *

BAEZ, JOAN - Joan Baez, Vol.2 + In Concert

Artikel-Nr.: 2-CD-263450

2013 - very rare !!! - contains 16page booklet incl. rare photos, vintage memorabilia, detailed liner notes and more... this quintessential 2-CD release contains Joan Baez's first three LPs in their entirety, which were originally issued on the Vanguard label...these sensational albums have been remastered and packaged together in this very special collector's edition + 7 bonus tracks

17,90 *

BAEZ, JOAN - The Joan Baez Country Music Album

Artikel-Nr.: CD-VCD-105

1979 - …this brought here into the orbit of Vanguard Records and that became her recording home from 1960 to 1971, issuing a string of albums that raised her quickly to the position of the world's premier female folk singer. As the sixties progressed, and the earlier impact of the folk music revival declined, she began to look towards the world of country music along with many of her contemporaries.

16,90 *

BAEZ, JOAN - Whistle Down The Wind

Artikel-Nr.: CD-PR-146

2018 - The first studio album since 2008s Day After Tomorrow for legendary American folksinger, songwriter, musician, and activist Joan Baez will be her final album accompanied by a final farewell tour. Produced by Joe Henry the album features covers of songs by Tom Waits, Josh Ritter, Anohni, Joe Henry, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Zoe Mulford, Eliza Gilkyson, Tim Eriksen and Richard Thompson Ein sehnsüchtig erwartetes Comebackalbum, eine besondere Hommage an ausgewählte Kollegen und ihre Songs.

16,90 *

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Artikel-Nr.: CD-BRE-202004

2020 - dieses Album schaffte es im Rolling Stones in die Liste der am meisten erwarteten Alben des Jahres 2020 !! Es ist ein introspektiver Blick auf die Emotionen der letzten zwei Jahre ihres Lebens, in denen sie alle Songs (13) auf der Platte geschrieben oder mitgeschrieben hat… neben Shane MacAnally aus Nashville, Hillary Lindsay und Ashley Gorley schrieb sie mit Ed Sheehan, Tayla Parx und Julia Michaels.

16,90 *

BANDY, MOE - It's A Cheating Situation + She's Not Really Cheatin' (She's Just Gettin' Even)

Artikel-Nr.: CD-MRLL-26

2013 - die beiden Original Alben aus den Jahren 1979 + 1982 hier auf einer CD 20 Titel wie TO CHEAT OR NOT TO CHEAT - BARSTOOL MOUNTAIN und HANK AND LEFTY RAISED MY COUNTRY SOUL

14,90 *

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BANDY, MOE - Lucky Me

Artikel-Nr.: CD-MBP-0001

2016 - The Texas singer with twin fiddles and steel guitar in his band continues to keep Texas-style honky tonk music alive with his first studio album in 10 years. The Oak Ridge Boys join Bandy on the fiery heartbreak "Hell Stays Open" and twangy, steel-guitar pinged "A Place To Hang My Hat." Bandy features Ricky Skaggs' signature bluegrass flare on the "The Rarest Flowers" while Riders In The Sky bring Western wit and charm on "Long Lived The Cowboy" and "That Horse That You Can't Ride."

17,90 *

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BARE, BOBBY - A Bird Named Yesterday/Talk Me Some Sense

Artikel-Nr.: CD-OMNI-106

2006 - (sehr rar !!!) - enthalten sind die Original Alben von 1967 + 1965 (RCA-Victor) hier erstmals auf CD mit 8seitigem Booklet und 36 Titeln, darunter A BIRD NAMED YESTERDAY - THE CHURCH IN THE WILDWOOD und SALT LAKE CITY

17,90 *

BARE, BOBBY - Bare + Sleeper Wherever I Fall

Artikel-Nr.: CD-RVCD-285

2008 - "rar !!!" - mit ausführlichem Booklet, die beiden Original Alben aus den Jahren 1978 + 1979 hier erstmals auf einer CD + 2 Bonus Titeln; 22 Titel wie THE GAMBLER - SING FOR THE SONG oder THE LAST TIME ... u.a. mit Willie Nelson, Shel Silverstein, Ben Keith und Waylon Jennings

18,90 *

BARE, BOBBY - Darker Than Light

Artikel-Nr.: CD-39471

Album von 2012 aufgenommen im legendären RCA Studio B, mit 8seitigem Booklet; 16 Titel wie FAREWELL ANGELINA oder DARK AS A DUNGEON

16,90 *

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BARE, BOBBY - Hard Time Hungrys + The Winner...And The Losers

Artikel-Nr.: CD-OMNI-156

2012 - "ganz rar" !!! - inkl. 20seitigem Booklet mit vielen Informationen und raren Fotos; enthalten sind 24 Titeln der beiden Origional Alben aus den Jahren 1975 + 1976 (RCA) "remastered from the original master tapes" Titel wie TWO FOR A DOLLAR - BOTTLES AND BOXES oder BABY WANTS TO BOOGIE

17,90 *

BARE, BOBBY - Me And McDill + Sleeper Wherever I Fall + Bare + Down & Dirty

Artikel-Nr.: 2-CD-BGO-1397

2019 - From 1977, 1978 and 1980 come four Bobby Bare albums, one originally on RCA and the others recorded for Columbia…all four made the US Country charts. These recordings come from a time when Bare changed direction away from the pure country and embraced contemporary writers such as Townes Van Zandt, J.J. Cale and Guy Clark. ‘Sleeper’ contains contributions from Rodney Crowell and rearranged versions of the Stones’ THE LAST TIME and the Byrds’ I’LL FEEL A WHOLE LOT BETTER

18,90 *

BARE, BOBBY - The Real Thing

Artikel-Nr.: CD-OMNI-169

2013 - enthalten sind die Original Alben "The Real Thing" von 1971 und "I Hate Goodbyes/Ride Me Down Easy" von 1973 - This deluxe edition is remastered from the original master tapes and presented with exclusive liner notes and rare photos. Both albums are reissued for the very first time. 24 Titel wie THE CHICAGO STORY - BARBARA JOY oder THE STREETS OF BALTIMORE

22,90 *

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BARE, BOBBY - The Singles 1959-1969

Artikel-Nr.: 2-CD-71192

1999 – inzwischen sehr rare Doppel CD mit einer klasse Zusammenstellung von 47 Titeln aus den Jahren 1959 bis 1969 !!!!!!

19,90 *
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