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YOAKAM, DWIGHT - Live From Austin, Tx

Artikel-Nr.: 2-LP-NW-5194

1988/2017 - Live From Austin, Tx, 23.10.1988 - “Pressed on vinyl for the first time 180g black vinyl 2-LP, gatefold” Twentysomething Dwight Yoakam was literally the new kid in country music when he stepped onto the Austin City Limits stage in October 1988. But even then, as he has ever since, he was doing things his own way… he almost singlehandedly revived the rockabilly/honky tonk/hillbilly sound that was one of the cornerstones of country music’s formative years.

15,90 *

YOAKAM, DWIGHT - Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day

Artikel-Nr.: VINYL-SINGLE-TMR-363

2016 - Dwight Yoakam recently took to the studio with our fearless leader Jack White III to record two of the swingin'est tunes we've ever had covered in our Blue Series: TOMORROW'S GONNA BE ANOTHER DAY (Boyce/Venet, popularized by The Monkees) b/w HIGH ON THE MOUNTAIN OF LOVE (Dorman, popularized by Kenny Lynch, then Johnny Rivers, then the Beach Boys, and recorded by many others along the way). Produced by White and backed by the Third Man band of all-stars, Lillie Mae Rische, Daru Jones, Cory Younts, Dominic Davis & Fats Kaplin

9,90 *

YOUNG, NEIL - Homegrown

Artikel-Nr.: LP-4898672

2020 - (Vinyl) - es ist eines seiner sagenumwobensten und meistbegehrten Alben überhaupt von Neil Young - und das, obwohl es nie veröffentlicht wurde: Homegrown. 46 Jahre nach seiner ursprünglichen Aufnahme hat Neil Young nun sein großes "verschollenen Albums" veröffentlicht. Das Album enthält 12 Neil-Young-Songs, von denen 7 bisher unveröffentlicht sind.

21,90 *

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PRINE, JOHN - Broken Hearts & Dirty Windows

Artikel-Nr.: LP-OBR-042

2017 - "Songs Of John Prine" - 12 Prine Songs wie ALL THE BEST - SPANISH PIPEDREAM und SIX O'CLOCK NEWS interpretiert u.a. von Sara Watkins, The Avett Brothers, Old Crow Medicine Show und Drive-By Truckers

24,90 *

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Artikel-Nr.: 2-LP-7559792471

2019 - (hier als Doppel LP) - produziert von Joe Henry - auf ihrem neuen Werk kollaboriert Giddens mit dem italienischen Multi-Instrumentalisten Francesco Turrisi: eine fruchtbare Zusammenarbeit…Giddens singt und spielt Minstrel Banjo, Baritongeige und Viola, Turrisi das Piano, Akkordeon, Rahmentrommel, Tamburello, Laute, Cello-Banjo, Daf und Langhalslaute. "The duo's intellectual project links Giddens' usual field of inquiry – the folk instruments and traditions of the African-American diaspora – with those of Turrisi, a pianist and master of the frame drum who dwells in the Mediterranean slipstreams from the Middle East and North Africa to Southern Europe."

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451 - 455 von 455 Ergebnissen